Marry Me

Studio Album by released in 2007
Marry Me's tracklist:
Now, Now
Jesus Saves, I Spend
Your Lips Are Red
Marry Me
Paris Is Burning
All My Stars Aligned
The Apocalypse Song
We Put a Pearl in the Ground
Human Racing
What Me Worry?

Marry Me review

Professionalism is a token of success

Solo career is not an easy way to become a prominent musician. You have to compose songs and write lyrics, manage your band and in fact deal with a whole mass of other important things all by oneself. It is not an easy task even by standards of pop industry, where your affairs remain under supervision of special people, needles to say how hard it may be in not so popular genres. Professional experience here is as necessary as the air one breathes and as it is well known it comes only with time. A path that led Annie Clark to the idea of starting her solo career looks very appropriate. Facing he 25th anniversary she has already played in the touring band of a well-known indie rocker Sufjan Stevens and psychedelic group The Polyphonic Spree, which made it possible to upgrade her professional skills to the required level and plunge into recording of her debut album Marry Me where she decided to use the name St. Vincent. Her previous job in the field of experimental and indie music has surely left its imprint on her creative views. Having highly outstanding musical thinking Amy Clark, easily mixes indie, baroque pop, symphonic rock and a whole bunch of other styles in her lushly ornate songs.

Talented multi-instrumentalist

Annie Clark approached the record with maximum of responsibility and performed a basic mass of work without outside assistance. A list of instruments that she was playing during record sessions looks more than just impressing: voices, guitars, bass, piano, organ, Moog, synthesizers, clavieta, xylophone, vibraphone, dulcimer, drum programming, triangle and percussion. However, a little help from her senior colleagues wasn't rejected either. The album features appearances from The Polyphonic Spree's drummer Brian Teasley and David Bowie's longtime pianist Mike Garson. As a result the album offers 11 completely unimaginable by their character and unexpectedness tracks, which may plunge any admirer of experimental music into state of shock. Marry Me is a present-day form of Art rock that uniquely combines tendencies of modern rock scene and old school's experience. But her music never sounds wild; the cobwebs of arrangements are always laced with a peculiar feminine softness and gentleness, which adds a very unobtrusive character to the record.

Marry Me is very honest and sincere album

The main bulk of the songs are pretty quiet and peaceful compositions. The album is almost devoid of fast tempo, powerful drumming and other sonic attacks that are so popular among experimental musicians. The album, of course, has that specific atmosphere characteristic for such music but basically it is expressed in quite a smooth way. Listen to The Apocalypse Song – this title may sound pretty scary but it hides fully harmless, mid tempo song, although it is not devoid of elements of sonic experimentalism. The album offers lots of songs of a half-ballad type. All My Stars Aligned or Human Racing correspond to this term quite well. These are very good examples of how Annie applies elements of jazz. Nevertheless, the album's best tracks are precisely those that have more expressive character. Such units as Paris IS Burning or Your Lips Are Red reveal St. Vincent's burning energy – she can be furious if there is such a necessity. Marry Me is definitely an album for those who have a fancy for this type of music. But if you are interested in the uncommon musical trends this album is for you. Marry Me is very honest and sincere record – it is unusual enough to awake interest and accessible enough to love it.

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