Enjoy It While It Lasts

Studio Album by released in 2012
Enjoy It While It Lasts's tracklist:
True Love (For Now)
Chevy Thunder
Grey Shirt & Tie
Twenty Nothing
Friday Night, Don't Ever Let It End
Lay Low
Upset Boulevard
No Adventure
What You Wanted
Grim Reefer
Never Fade Away

Enjoy It While It Lasts review

The musicians of Spector are making plans

The story of Spector began quite recently, in the previous year. That actually makes the band one of the youngest on the world stage. However one should not take Spector as the beginners. Instead, the members of the quintet have good experience and outstanding musical intuition, which let them make seven-league steps. The rockers’ very first single titled Never Fade Away appeared in spring of 2011 and it was well received by the audience. That was important, especially if we remember that the British music lovers are known for their great taste and that they are even pampered by high-quality music. A little bit later the band strengthened its positions due to not less rememberable tracks What You Wanted and Grey Shirt and Tie. All in all Spector’s efforts were noticed – in December of 2011 the rockers were nominated for the prestigious and important for every single young performer award called Sound Of 2012. The good beginning was established and the band switched from studio work to touring. In spring of 2012 the musicians were opening stage for Florence and the Machine, and there is no doubt that performing alongside with that famous group was incredibly useful for Spector. Connoisseurs of indie-rock discovered this promising band pretty fast, so Spector were not ignored or underestimated. Well, now it is the high time to get acquainted with Spector’s full-length record called Enjoy It While It Lasts.

The career’s beginning proved to be loud

When a new band appears on the stage, the music lovers will make sure to check this new formation out as soon as possible. Spector have already made a lot in order to establish and deserve a good reputation of brave and original musicians. However, this is their debut album that will arrange everything to order. The long play is opened by a track True Love (For Now), which starts in a slow way; however by the end it is completely different, it gets a vivacious tempo. That song brings a nice definition of Spector’s style, which absorbed elements of rock and electronica. Thus, for instance, Chevy Thunder can demonstrate that sound pretty well. Energetic, fast and tuneful – lovers of true rock’n’roll and traditional British sound will be pleased. And sure thing it will be rather easy to get to know that Spector are from the very heart of England. Twenty Nothing will remind of garage rock in its best traditions: arrangements with a hint of minimalism and rememberable melodies are going to make lovers of the genre happy. First chords of Upset Boulevard are another proof of Spector’s geographical location. No doubt, that kind of music could have been born only in the United Kingdom. The charm of British rock at its finest, and this time it is a version by Spector.

Explicatory title of Enjoy It While It Lasts

The studio attempt of that young band proved to be impressive. The record is absolutely professional, even in spite of the fact that Spector have recently begun their musical career. Enjoy It While It Lasts included a dozen of excellent compositions, which are absolutely bright and astonishing. The musicians presented an interesting (okay, maybe not the newest and revolutionary) mix of rock, garage rock, a little bit of electronic music and indie-rock. What came out of all these? Well, they created dynamic songs, where all the elements exist in a perfect harmony and complete each other. The quintet from London managed to make itself a good name and which is surprising – in a short period of time it prepared a wonderful album with rich and tasty sound that could not be ignored by BBC representatives. Obviously, such a promising career start can be a source of envy for many artists. Who knows, maybe The Strokes and The Killers have just got not competitors but worthy successors? Only the time will show that, while now it is the best option to get acquainted with Enjoy It While It Lasts. The record is worth it, and its twelve compositions will be highly evaluated by lovers of rock’n’roll of a new generation.

Danil Chernovalov (23.08.2012)
Rate review4.40
Total votes - 5

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