All Hope Is Gone

Studio Album by released in 2008
All Hope Is Gone's tracklist:
Gematria (The Killing Name)
Dead Memories
Butcher's Hook
This Cold Black
Wherein Lies Continue
All Hope Is Gone
Child of Burning Time
Vermilion, Part 2 (Bloodstone mix)
'til We Die

All Hope Is Gone review

The deserved veterans of the metal scene

The American band Slipknot was formed in 1995. However, the first signs of it could be already seen in 1991, when its core lineup was formed. The artists decided at once, that the accent of their music should be on percussion and Slipknot should have three obligatory drummers. Starting with nu-metal, they soon widened their repertoire to the alternative metal and even rap metal. From the moment of establishment, the collective survived several serious lineup substitutes - thus, original soloist Anders Colsefini was replaced by Corey Taylor, while the ex-lead-vocalist was taken to the backing vocals and bass. It had a great influence on the creativity of Slipknot, as Colsefini used growl, while Taylor preferred the clear vocals - after this substitute Colsefini did not stay in the band long. During one of the concerts, he demonstratively left the scene. Beside the work in Slipknot, Taylor also plays and sings in the successful project Stone Sour and makes his solo career. With his presence, the metal band Slipknot recorded such acclaimed albums as Slipknot, Iowa and Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses. Many of their songs were nominated for Grammy. Besides, Slipknot are famous for their scenic images - they perform in masks, working suits and use certain symbols in their album covers and clothing. This year, the glorious metal musicians recorded the disc All Hope Is Gone.

All Hope Is Gone: the album, full of unexpected things

The disc All Hope Is Gone exceeded the most daring expectations of the listeners for the unexpected elements. Although after the furious singles All Hope Is Gone and Psychological, one can think that Slipknot decided to use the successful formula of the Iowa album hardcore sound, this first impression is right only for fifty per cent. The album is opened with the laconic track .Execute. with the excellent percussion and the atmosphere of growing tension, which becomes stronger closer to the end. The following Gematria (The Killing Name), devoted to the USA policy, strikes with the heat of passions, its thick and energetic sound with the charge of insane rage. The up-tempo track Psychological is sure to be memorable for its tuneful chorus and the prominent drum line. The dramatic song Dead Memories has a lighter sound if compared to the core material by the band, but it is extremely emotional and rocky. Opened with a short, but expressing drum solo, the up-tempo song Vendetta has the prolific rhythm and hoarse vocals by Taylor among its strong sides. It is a classical thing for Slipknot from the structural point of view. The low-tempo song Gehenna with the otherworldly arrangement became the unexpected reverence by the band to the creativity of Stone Sour, lead by Corey Taylor. The album is continued by fast and furious This Cold Black, it is followed by the hardcore Wherein Lies Continue, on which Taylor's vocals strongly reminds recitative of rap in the refrains, but they are organically contrasted to the melodic chorus. One should also appreciate the magnificent guitar ballad Snuff, power track 'Til We Die and the great closing ballad Vermilion, Pt. 2 (Bloodstone Mix).

The strong metal comeback by Slipknot

It should be stressed that the history of Slipknot is rather complicated and filled with conflicts - it is obvious from their discography, which has long pauses between the releases. After the issue of Iowa, the band actually dissolved; all its members were busy with their side-projects. However, the re-union for Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses did not last long - this time the musicians announced the final disbanding. Thus, the very fact of Slipknot's comeback with the new disc in four years of silence became the great surprise for the listeners. Worked out in the high-level secrecy, as all previous long-plays by the collective, it became the transition by Slipknot to more melodic and harmonic sound - the disc even features a couple of ballads, which was hard to expect from this command earlier. No doubt, it is the influence of the work by the performers in other collectives - especially Corey Taylor's activity in Stone Sour and his solo career. Seeing all these changes, the sound of the band no ways lost in its brutality or aggression. It is probably the most metallic disc by Slipknot for all their history. Besides, on the full-length All Hope Is Gone the musicians cheered the fans with the notable guitar line in many songs - there are both hooking riffs and memorable solos. The lyrics got more mature, although there are no drastic changes from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses. Nevertheless, Corey Taylor's speculations on political themes sound at least intriguing - this is a new element for Slipknot. Overall, All Hope Is Gone by Slipknot is definitely one of the best comebacks of this year.

Ninelle Kazakoff (28.08.2008)
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