Studio Album by released in 2010
Treats's tracklist:
Tell 'Em
Riot Rhythm
Infinity Guitars
Run the Heart
Rill Rill
Crown on the Ground
Straight A's
A/B Machines

Treats review

The duo Sleigh Bells’ debut may be the year’s best one

The singer M.I.A.’s label N.E.E.T. Recordings has been created for unusual musicians who are ready to refuse from the ordinary frames and stereotypes. If you are acquainted with the artist’s creative work it is enough to tell of the band Sleigh Bells that it is signed to the label and you are ready for something absolutely new and grandiose. Otherwise, think of the associations you have on the style noise-pop, and all of them will characterize Sleigh Bells creative work. The tandem of songwriter, guitarist and producer Derek E. Miller and vocalist Alexis Krauss is a boiling meeting of brutality and gentleness, hard electronics and wonderful melodies, basses, samples, beats and noises making your heart beat faster and a female voice that caresses your ear. Before creating the duo Miller was a guitarist in a post hardcore band Poison the Well, and Krauss sang in an unknown teenagers team Rubyblue, but it is after their acquaintance with each other that both have realized their true potentials. Everyone who has already heard their unbelievable debut album Treats agrees with that and with the fact that it pretends to be the year’s best debuts.

Treats: an island of calm in a raging world

A little bit more than half an hour of an endless flow of strokes, dins, cracks, claps, clicks, samples and Alexis’ soft voice feeling utterly free and relaxed in this raging world – this is how the album Treats can be briefly described. As for the lyrics it is either difficult to hear because of the high noise level, or it is extremely simple and based on an elementary short phrase repetition. The composition Tell 'Em opens the record in a loud, insistent and unexpected way, it is one of the heaviest ones and gets closer to tough electronica, whereas Kids conquers with an amazing hip-hop beat. One of the most contrasting numbers is Riot Rhythm joining a worrisome sample similar to a serene with the airy pop vocals. The song Run the Heart starts with sharp dropping electronic sounds and then a nervous, variable noise flow intertwines with a bit sad singing. A melodious guitar composition Rill Rill sounds more optimistic, but the following track Crown On the Ground never allows the listeners to relax once again throwing an avalanche of noises and penetrating effects on one. Another highlight A/B Machines is interesting for monotonous lyrics and an amazing vortex of guitar riffs, drums and shrieking sounds and the title track closes the album on a simultaneously heavy and smooth note.

An original, uncompromising and direct album

Sleigh Bells’s music is first of all unique because with quite a simple set of instruments – most tracks are created by means of computer programs, a guitar and vocals – the result exceeds all your expectations. Yes, many electronic groups have already tried to do something like that but none of them has ever managed to demonstrate such boldness that fills each composition on the album Treats. In two years of their existence as a duo the musicians have already conquered the USA with their impressive live performances featuring only a guitar as a real instrument and a notebook provides all the rest, but it is the songs in the Internet that have drawn much more attention last autumn. The track Crown On the Ground has left a strong impression on everybody who heard it at that time and taking into account that it has been improved for the album one can easily imagine the Internet society’s eager anticipation of the Treats release. No doubt, the original, uncompromising and direct Sleigh Bell’s debut album will leave nobody indifferent leading to polar positions, and will surely remain in history.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (04.08.2010)
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