Apocalyptic Love

Studio Album by released in 2012
Apocalyptic Love's tracklist:
Apocalyptic Love
One Last Thrill
Standing In The Sun
You're a Lie
No More Heroes
We Will Roam
Not For Me
Bad Rain
Hard & Fast
Far and Away
Shots Fired
Carolina (Bonus Track)
Crazy Life (Bonus Track)

Apocalyptic Love review

Slash knows how to rock

Rock as a concept was born a long time ago, in the middle of the previous century. Gradually it was being developed and it gained numerous fancy genres and styles. At the beginning of the eighties rock was in great fit: bright shows, very loud speakers and millions of fans all over the world. Every single band made its tribute to the development of rock, and some people were true pioneers, someone invented new genres and many artists were simply charging huge audiences with the energy of rock’n’roll. Saul Hudson (that is the real name of Slash) managed to take part in many strong bands during his career, including the legendary Guns N’Roses and younger super-group Velvet Revolver. Black top hat became an inalienable attribute of Slash’ outfit, but the musician is always easy recognized due to his unique manner of playing, which is the way more important. Melodiousness parts and bluesy solos or strong riffs and true rock’n’roll licks – Slash is always up to the knocker. He established a good reputation of a dedicated rocker thirty years ago, and since that time nothing seems to be changed, luckily. Quite recently, in 2010, Hudson released his debut solo album titled Slash, which was a great success. On that long play many songs were recorded alongside invited musicians, however the concept of a brand new studio attempt is different.

Apocalyptic Love: combination of dynamics and heaviness

Slash began working on Apocalyptic Love in 2011 together with Myles Kennedy, Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz. Slash had already worked with Kennedy during creation of his self-titled album, so right after it was finished the artists decided that it would actually be good to keep on working together, as soon as while on tour they felt quite comfortable with each other. As the guitarist noted himself, the process of songwriting turned out to be so smooth that it was rather unclear till the very last moment if these compositions must be released under Slash’ name or under the name of a brand new band. And finally Apocalyptic Love became Hudson’s second solo record, and this seems to be the high time to get acquainted with fresh songs. The first and title song Apocalyptic Love creates the precise mood, vivid and rock-style energetic. One Last Thrill, actually, is not less fascinating and just as the first song, it keeps awakening listeners. Kennedy’s vocals are ideal for that kind of music – no wonder that Slash had decided to collaborate with this singer. Fast compositions, such as We Will Roam, or ballads, like beautiful Far and Away, are excellent demonstrations of remarkable harmony of music and Myles’ voice. Slash’ musical intuition had never let him down, and it did not let him down this time as well.

Rock is alive!

Skeptics and spiteful tongues keep on saying that rock, metal and other tasty genres have been dead for many years already. However one should not trust to everything that is said. Moreover there are good people who prove by their own example that rock’n’roll is not just alive, but that it will live much longer that all fashionable nowadays genres. Slash and his constant companion guitar Les Paul thirty years ago produced such thrilling and touching solos that sent shivers down all normal people’s spines. Luckily, the situation seems to be the same now – Saul Hudson still creates rock, as he used to do, of the traditionally high quality. The signature combination of guitar distortion and melodiousness of acoustic chords will not leave any real lovers of rock untouched. No More Heroes, Not For Me, Shots Fired and other compositions can be easily called a new classics of genre. Young artists will align with these songs, and it must be mentioned that the bench mark is excellent indeed. Those, who can get deluxe version of Apocalyptic Love will get two bonus songs - Carolina and Crazy Life, which are worth attention for sure. Thereby listeners got the whole hour of amazing rock of high breeding. Add the volume, make it loud!

Danil Chernovalov (28.05.2012)
Rate review4.76
Total votes - 382

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