Silversun Pickups


The curiously named band Silversun Pickups was assembled in Los Angeles, California, in 2000. The lineup was comprised by vocalist and guitarist Brian Aubert, basist and vocalist Nikki Monninger, drummer Christopher Guanlao and keyboardist Joe Lester. All of them had known each other long before the launching of this project as they used to share the same stage playing for different bands. They would meet many times at various concerts in L.A. until one day the musicians came to an idea of building up a new group. They did not pursue big goals at that moment. Having called the band the puzzling Silversun Pickups phrase, the participants only wanted to play music for their own fun and for those who would come to watch them. It was not a long time before some people started comparing the young outfit with the legendary Smashing Pumpkins, which put even greater weight of responsibility on the shoulders of the musicians. It is worth mentioning that in the beginning the performances of the fresher were far from a good show. Aubert, the singer, felt uneasy before the microphone and in front of many eyes, while the other members did seem inspired by the energy of the music they were playing. Nevertheless, they were talented and knew their craft, which granted the group hardcore fans from the very start.

No matter how good they were, Silversun Pickups seemed enormously unconfident to leave their home city of Los Angeles. The band polished their skills playing regularly on the stage and looking rather reluctant to go to the studio. As late as in 2005, they finally signed up an agreement with Dangerbird Records and released their debut EP, Pikul, shortly afterwards. This one included live versions of six songs that were chosen as the public favorites and therefore practiced splendidly by that moment. The record received a warm welcome from the audience and a multitude of praiseful reviews from experienced critics. After that, Silversun Pickups could not but go away from home and show what they were to a wider range of listeners. By then, the musicians found faith in themselves and their future and showed no signs of fear or uneasiness on the stage. Their performances were nice to watch and listen to. The tours packed the schedule tightly yet did not keep the group from making their debut long player. The first experience of the studio labor brought brilliant results. Carnavas saw light in the second half of 2006 and was a good seller, mostly thank to the two strong single, Lazy Eye, and Well Thought Out Twinkles.

Silversun Pickups closed the so much good 2006 year giving a joint concert with the established Australian rockers Wolfmother. In 2007, the group kept touring actively and collecting new recruiters for their considerable army. The band seemed to like playing live much more than recording in the studio. This could be one of the reasons why they made their fans wait for the subsequent album for two years and a half. Entitled as Swoon, it touched the stores in spring 2009. The main difference between this record and its predecessor was the obviously wicker influence of the above mentioned Smashing Pumpkins. The musicians recorded an interesting and dynamic rock-album to show first signs of their own, unique, approach to music-writing. Silversun Pickups occupied their place in the big music world, grew into a much anticipated guest to any of the largest venues in the USA and seem looking for more.

Studio Albums

Silversun Pickups, Widow's Weeds mp3Widow's Weeds
  • Dream Pop
  • Indie Rock
Silversun Pickups, Better Nature mp3Better Nature
  • Indie Rock
Silversun Pickups, Neck of the Woods mp3Neck of the Woods
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
Silversun Pickups, Swoon mp3Swoon
Distorted guitars, the vocalist's creaky constrained voice, complicated tunes and unforgettable keyboards against the background of some contagious drums – all of it is present on Silversun Pickups' second recording Swoon
  • Indie Rock
  • Shoegaze
Silversun Pickups, Carnavas mp3Carnavas
  • Indie Rock
  • Shoegaze


Silversun Pickups, Seasick mp3Seasick
  • Indie Rock
  • Shoegaze

Compilation albums