Himmel Auf

Studio Album by released in 2012
Himmel Auf's tracklist:
Unter Der Oberflaeche
Himmel Auf
Teil Von Mir
Irgendwo In Der Mitte
Fuer Dich Schlaegt Mein Herz
Weisse Fahnen
Ans Meer
Es Geht Weiter
Du Fehlst Hier
Das Gute Gewinnt

Himmel Auf review

Silbermond – bright representatives of German rock-stage

Probably if you ask listeners to enumerate German rock bands, they will start with such heavyweights as Oomph! and Rammstein. However the Germans play various music and do not prefer heavy genres exclusively – you can find lots of examples of that. There is no doubt that Silbermond are one of the brightest representatives of rock-stage of that country. The story of that band started at the very beginning of the twenty first century, and Silbermond’s debut long play titled Verschwende Deine Zeit saw the light in 2004. Now that album has double platinum status in Germany, which is quite a self-explicatory proof of the fact that listeners really enjoyed Silbermond’s creativity. Their music absorbed elements of various genres, but still it can be described as an excellent crossover of rock, punk-rock and pop-rock. Also, not every band can be proud of such an impressive female vocals. Two years later the rockers released their second studio attempt Laut Gedacht, which proved to be as good as its predecessor. Actually it satisfied music lovers’ expectations and at the same time it even grabbed double platinum status. The third long play Nichts Passiert was also honored to get the platinum status: quite notable and respectful trend for Silbermond’s studio works. Well, now it is time to get acquainted with the rockers’ freshest studio attempt titled Himmel Auf.

An hour of rock under the slogan Himmel Auf

The quartet’s line up did not change in twelve years, and that is why the musicians understand each other so well. That is where their excellent teamwork and harmonious sound come from. A calm composition Unter Der Oberflaeche with a truly interesting part of the bass-guitar was chosen to become an opening act for the album. The bass line softly flows from note to note, revealing at the same time the vast for Stefanie’s vocals. After listening to that song you can get doubts about the opinion that German language sounds a bit rough. The following track Gegen is more vivid, and its arrangement possesses just a little amount of electronic effects. The third act is the album’s title song - Himmel Auf, a very melodiousness and lyrical composition, which nevertheless has got the band’s signature energy and drive. Theme of lyrics is continued by another beautiful song Weisse Fahnen, based on melodiousness of acoustic guitars and vocal part. So to say, it is a sort of the rock minimalism that seems to be handled by Silbermond just fine. All in all the whole record proved to be inhomogeneous. The musicians presented their fans vivacious songs mixed with lyrical compositions, and the final result is interesting indeed. Himmel Auf goes so smoothly, in literally one breath, even in spite of its impressive length of almost an hour.

New creative stage, new achievements

Silbermond please their fans with the fresh albums quite systematically. This time it took the rockers three years to prepare and record Himmel Auf. It seems that they do not even think about hurrying up – they work for fun instead. Obviously, that is the reason why the quality remains on the same high level – the artists create music that is enjoyed by themselves, first of all. It is easy to make sure of it by listening to any of the quartet’s studio attempts. Dedication means a lot, of course, and no one can blame Silbermond in insipidness, there are no reasons for that. Now we can conclude that Himmel Auf is not an exception. The quartet presented amazing compositions, created in the band’s easy recognizable style, and all of them are good, so they flow in one breath. More than that, tracks are given in such an order that a listener will not get bored, as soon as contrasts between fast and slow songs are worked out in an elaborated way. Taking into consideration the fact that all the quartet’s previous works were called for, Himmel Auf has got all chances to become a worthy successor of this good tradition.

Danil Chernovalov (11.04.2012)
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