She Wolf

Studio Album by released in 2009
She Wolf's tracklist:
She Wolf
Did It Again
Long Time
Why Wait
Good Stuff
Men In This Town
Spy (feat. Wyclef Jean)
Mon Amour
Lo Hecho Esta Hecho
Anos Luz
Give It Up to Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
Did It Again (feat. Kid Cudi)
Gypsy (live)
She Wolf (live)

She Wolf review

The important thing is not repeat oneself!

No doubt there is room for experiment in any genre including pop music. And what if a performer is eager to move in several directions at once? What if he or she manages to work with equal success and to equal effect with, say, rock and pop? If you think that is hardly possible look at the splendid Shakira. She has not only been making music for over two decades combining various styles and directions in her creations but also is constantly experimenting. Besides she is one of the few Latin American stars whose albums both in English and in Spanish have fully justified hopes laid on them. The most important thing for Shakira is not to repeat herself in the first place, to make something new all the time even if the others have already tried that. Following Madonna, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey the Colombian pop star has turned to the leading club music producers and recorded She Wolf which is her hottest and most danceable album to date.

She Wolf: Shakira's most sexy, eclectic and sensual songs

Without such producers as Pharrell Williams, RedOne, John Hill, Wyclef Jean and others the album She Wolf would probably turn out less dynamic but of course Shakira herself is in the center of events. Her temper has reached its apogee here – these are her most sexy, eclectic and sensual songs. The first single and title song open the album with a bold beat and contagious samples – which are actually the basis of practically every track on She Wolf. The singer is exploring the possibilities of not only percussion but also those of the electronic music on this record, so the principle instrument here is a synthesizer. The second single Did It Again has proved to be even more stylish and contagious due to a dense text and interesting effects. The song Why Wait deserves a special attention – a fashionable danceable rhythm marries a powerful orchestra arrangement from the creator of Led Zeppelin’s hit Kashmir, Hossam Ramzy. The track Good Stuff is also one of the highlights here: extremely passionate, it conquers with its hypnotizing motif and amazing percussion. Another success is the new hit from Shakira and Wyclef Jean Spy – a splendid sample is going to linger in your mind from the very first listening, its complicated tune and 1990s music elements are all carried out faultlessly here. The album closes with three Spanish numbers: Lo Hecho Esta Hecho (Did It Again), Anos Luz (Why Wait) and of course Loba (She Wolf).

A great experimentation ground

Shakira’s music and dancing are as unique as she is unique herself. Perhaps she still has something to learn ahead, too. Yet, what matters is that today this artist has achieved an astonishing result and stands in one row with the best music industry representatives. Her videos and live performances add amazing colors to her songs although it is undoubtedly enough to listen to any of her hits to appreciate her temper. The record She Wolf is just perfect to do that. This collection sees Shakira as even more open, free and hot when it comes to danceable tracks and kind, soft and endlessly female when she performs more down-tempo compositions. You will not find any pop-ballads like Underneath Your Clothes on this album. This time around the singer has turned to the music of different cultures, which is reflected, for instance, on a beautiful composition Gypsy. Thus, She Wolf has become great experimentation ground and at the same time it is a true Shakira album, with her non-standard and original to everything that has to do with self-expression.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (15.10.2009)
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