When The Sun Goes Down

Studio Album by released in 2011
When The Sun Goes Down's tracklist:
Love You Like A Love Song
Bang Bang Bang
Who Says
We Own The Night
Hit The Lights
When The Sun Goes Down
My Dilemma
That's More Like It
Middle Of Nowhere
Dices (Who Says) (Spanish Version)
Fantasma De Amor (Ghost Of You) (Spanish Version)
A Year Without Rain (Davd Aude Radio Remix)
Who Says (Bimbo Jones Radio Remix)
Whos Says (Dave Aude Radio Remix)

When The Sun Goes Down review

Learning a new craft

Selena Gomez is not even twenty yet, but she has already done more than many people never do in the whole lives. With amazing effortlessness she takes up challenging tasks and agrees to take part in most ambitious projects. And the more she accomplishes, the more confidence and determination she gains. Before not long ago, Selena was mostly know as a Disney actress who did several parts in movies and dubbed a number of cartoon characters. Besides, Selena is a UNICEF volunteer and an active charity programs member. However, just recently, it turned out she is eager to test herself as a music performer. Although she seemed too swamped into many other things to do it, she revealed more than enough passion and desire. In 2009, the world welcomed the first music product from Selena Gomez and her band The Scene, a long player called Kiss & Tell. The artist offered nothing but another portion of middle class pop-rock, which should have been expected, of course. Critics agreed that, having played with that whim, she would abandon any further music career, but she did not. Just a year later, Gomez dropped another CD, A Year Without Rain, and in the summer 2011, the singer released her third album, When The Sun Goes Down, surprising the audience with her persistence.

Rapid growth of singer Selena Gomez

When The Sun Goes Down is polished material in shape of eleven basic and five bonus tracks, without which the al bum would seem a little bit incomplete. Having teamed up with established producers and authors, Selena Gomez prepared a record with few minor errors to discover. The listener is likely to praise the wide range of sweet tunes, Selena’s improved vocals and lyrics. The latter is a separate topic to dwell on. The young performer is maturing and so is her music. Within the limits of the album, Selena took time to crush her ex in Bang Bang Bang, invite everyone to a party (Hit The Lights), urged them to forget the troubles of tomorrow and seize the present moment (We Own The Night) and advised to put a leash on those men who get out of hand (Outlaw). All this is executed without falling into indecent words, getting personal or degrading to the level of one-syllable choruses, attributed well-known and widely accepted in today’s dance music. The basis for the sound is the solid rhythm structure out of electric beats, rarely giving up control to guitars. So the When The Sun Goes Down material is closest to electropop.

More than just a momentary enthusiasm

The two singles from Selena Gomez’s new album, Who Says, and Love You Like a Love Song, are enough for us to understand what she sounds like on When The Sun Goes Down. Certainly, people listened to her first works mostly out of respect for her acting and public life, but hardly out of desire to know what kind of singer she could make. Yet her new album lets you forget what and who Selena is, and just enjoy her singing. It is beyond any question that when Selena was only starting to prepare When The Sun Goes Down, she had a precise picture of her following CD should be like and what she was supposed to do. Here there are songs where Selena is not afraid to borrow Britney Spears’ vocal manner, and those where she sings like Katy Perry. There should be no surprise as both singers took an active part in the writing of the album’s material, but what’s most important is that Gomez succeeded. What Selena would like to do in ten years is a mystery, but now we can be sure she is possessed with a passion for music, and with each new release from her Selena’s music is getting better and better.

Alex Bartholomew (13.07.2011)
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