Imperial Blaze

Studio Album by released in 2009
Imperial Blaze's tracklist:
Chi Ching Ching (intro)
Lace It
So Fine
Now That I've Got Your Love
Birthday Suit
Press It Up
Evening Ride
Hold My Hand (I'll Be There) (feat. Keri Hilson)
She Want Me
Daddy's Home
Bruk Out
Wine Baby Wine
Running Out of Time
Don't Tease Me
She Wanna Be Down
Straight From My Heart
Private Party
I Know U Like It

Imperial Blaze review

Sean Paul, a profound thinker

If there are musicians trying to preserve the best traditions of their Motherland’s style in the present days Sean Paul definitely should be on their list among the first. His 2005’s work The Trinity has pleased the dancehall fans with great contagious rhythms and topical lyrics – the artist has been lately concerned about the problem of violence in Jamaica, besides, more often than not he expresses quite a deep philosophic thought. As for his collaborations with various celebrities it looks like Sean thinks that to be less interesting than solo performances. Nevertheless he does not refuse the producers’ support although tending to working with not that much promoted personages in the music industry so far. This year the musician gives his fourth studio creation Imperial Blaze to the world on which he does not only passionately sing of love, but also once again poses himself as a profound thinker, remembering as before to sing about problems in relationships. No doubt the hot, many-faceted and rich in energy album Imperial Blaze is sure to find itself among Sean Paul’s most successful albums even if it fails to outdo this tireless artist’s sophomore effort Dutty Rocks in the quantity of hits.

A perfect feeling-good album

The album Imperial Blaze offers a great opportunity to have fun, think and dance at the same time. It contains a lot of highlights and minimum of fillers, and most of the former are definitely going to play in your i-pods every time you feel good. The album opens with a traditional impressive intro Chi Ching Ching followed by a wonderful composition Lace It with a memorable chorus. The single So Fine produced by Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor has already managed to conquer the thousands of hearts and will be surely appreciated by everyone fond of simple melodies and unsophisticated lyrics, devoted to the opposite sex. Another song about the beloved girl Now That I've Got Your Love surprises with the protagonist’s sincerity and faithfulness as his love has finally become reciprocal while the club Press It Up conquers with a great beat on hearing which you are sure to go dancing at once. A smooth song Hold My Hand, refined with melodious keyboards takes us to the Jamaican beaches due to the splendid reggae elements in it whereas another ready hit She Want Me will also please us on all the dance floors with the fashionable beat and Sean Paul’s stylish performance. The artist once again demonstrates his being a caring man on the lyrical number Daddy's Home, and a positive track Pepperpot proves to be a marvelous love confession. Dancehall style gains momentum on Running Out Of Time, while one of the boldest and frankest songs here is Don't Tease Me. On the whole Sean Paul is never tired of sharing his energy throughout the album closing it with another highlight I Know U Like It.

Each of the songs on Imperial Blaze is breathing with passion

At his age of 36 Sean Paul is surprisingly young and hot – each of the songs on Imperial Blaze is breathing with passion. If you did not know his actual age you would probably think that he is in his mid-twenties – the time when one can easily sing about serious relationships, make love confessions and suffer from love, and especially have fun at parties. Sean still does not sing with other artists which by no means makes the album boring or monotonous – his charge is enough for all the 19 tracks. In fact it was initially enough for even more – the singer has written about 60 compositions and then made a scrupulous selection. Hopefully this unrivaled reggae, hip-hop and dancehall performer does not lack inspiration to make more than one of the same colorful tracks collections and his manner of performance becomes better with the years as a good wine of which he sings on a great song Wine Baby Wine.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (25.08.2009)
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