Night Work

Studio Album by released in 2010
Night Work's tracklist:
Night Work
Whole New Way
Fire With Fire
Any Which Way
Harder You Get
Running Out
Something Like This
Skin This Cat
Skin Tight
Sex and Violence
Night Life
Invisible Light

Night Work review

Calm before a storm?

The company of extravagant people from Scissor Sisters is dangerous and that thus unpredictable, or, rather, unpredictable and thus dangerous. These people are armed with an unconventional view on life, music and other homo sapiens. Since the times their eponymous debut was released in 2004, the global community has been waiting for outrageous deeds, scandalous claims and smashing hits from these performers. The first Scissor Sisters album was so good that some believed it was TOO good. This happens from time to time to those who possess lots of talent and pursue lots of ambitions. They rush to show what they are ma de of at once and go too far wasting their energy due to young age. As a result, the band’s sophomore release, Ta-Dah, had somewhat mixed reviews. Settling down on the psychedelic rock side and overloading dance music with far too many and far too various emotions was a really interesting proposal; yet many were not prepared to understand albeit wanting to accept it. After the delivery of that CD and playing a promo tour, the musicians sank into silence and did not make haste. They thought long and properly on what they should offer on their third full-length effort.

Retro-music and provocative lyrics

The new Scissor Sisters CD acquired a Night Work title and a provocative cover. Looking like an old-picture, it depicts a man’s butt in tight trousers, which must give us a hint that Scissor Sisters still look for inspiration in retro-music. The bulk of Night Work breathes the spirit of the disco of the eighties, the music that brings up associations with the last stage of the sexual revolution. Young people of that time used to wear bright and shouting clothes, acted openly and even challengingly while those belonging to sexual minorities no longer concealed their orientation. The album’s opener, Night Work, might be a splendid soundtrack to the start of your festive weekend. It’s a cheery song with quiet guitars contributing more drive and energetic choruses. Any Which Way is a composition with a very sensual vocal and almost indecent text, the one that reflects the philosophy of the bad guys from Scissor Sisters. Something Like This strikes stubbornly with heavy beats, makes you want to dance inevitably and, definitely, looks like a contestant to number one hit. The musicians could have lost their love for the psychedelic and dark side of music, which is demonstrated on the next to sinister Sex And Violence.

Praiseworthy originality

Writing popular music and staying a bit time original is possible. This is a conclusion that begs to be made after listening to Night Work. Combination of glam-rock guitars with the disco initiated twenty and even thirty years ago forms a solid foundation for dance sound of Scissor Sisters. Meanwhile, they write lyrics that are close to breaking the rules, which makes them even more attractive; and that is a part of the band’s image contributing greatly to the growth of their popularity. The vocals on Night Work are a wide range of means to utter sounds out of oneself, beginning with whisper and calm vocalizing and finishing with squealing and whimpering which can cause a flush on the cheeks of a very shy or simply unprepared listener. Night Work is a well-thought-through project that is materialized properly with the consideration of all the aspects, including the CD design and the mixing process of the songs that sound like hits borrowed from old disco-compilations. Just like in cases with the ensembles’ previous works, the Night Work music is very difficult to define in terms of style and genre. This is another proof that the musicians do not try to follow anyone else’s traces or exploit anyone else’s ideas. Scissor Sisters are grand creators and extraordinary personalities; and the more you find such performers on the music stage, the more benefit the audience gains.

Alex Bartholomew (02.07.2010)
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