Sam Sparro

Studio Album by released in 2008
Sam Sparro's tracklist:
Too Many Questions
Black and Gold
21st Century Life
Waiting for Time
Recycle It!
Hot Mess
Cut Me Loose
Can't Stop This! / Still Hungry

Sam Sparro review

Sam Sparro continues music dynasty

Sam Falson professionally known as Sam Sparro was born in Australia, grew up in Los Angeles and began to go in for music seriously in London. All the 23 years of his life Sam has been fond of music and it could not be different: his father is a composer and a minister singing gospels, his grand grandfather was a music professor and his grandfather was a respected jazz musician. When a child Sam already sang in a church choir in California which greatly impressed Chaka Khan herself, he also was shot in a commercial for McDonald's; yet there have been some not that lucky times in his life but they are left in the past and today this talented guy releases his eponymous debut album following the single Black & Gold that has become extremely popular. Record Sam Sparro is a collection of wonderful sunny pop songs that are ready to refine the working days and are irreplaceable on holidays, pleasing with a positive mood and Sam’s unforgettable vocals.

The brightest tones on Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro’s pop music marvelously joins together the disco of 70s-90s with funk and R&B, and his surprisingly varied voice paints each song on Sam Sparro with the brightest tones. The album opens with a light ethereal song Too Many Questions that is an example of great lyrics reflecting the author’s interests and some of his outlook, and single Black And Gold is already considered one of the best songs lately and it is not surprising for it sends shivers down the spine of many listeners as the combination of an amazing rhythm and resilient vocals is very successful here. Melodious track 21st Century Life is one of the most contagious on the record with rather a simple but vivid tune while a more complicated song Sick is based on a medical metaphor – Sam promises to heal the girl if she takes him as a medicine. R&B composition Waiting For Time is remarkable for the most beautiful tune and an arrangement reminding simultaneously all the best songs of the genres popular at present, it even contains a danceable deviation. Sam’s vocal on tracks Cottonmouth a bit reminiscent of Gnarls Barkley’s works and Hot Mess reechoing Prince’s creations changes for a wonderful falsetto, and his wise advice on Pocket once again make one sure of the artist’s rich life experience. Danceable compositions Sally, Clingwrap and final Can't Stop This! are the closest to the pop music of the 80s and 90s of the last century, and the closing hidden track Still Hungry is an unexpected piano ballad with a deep philosophic meaning.

A born artist’s dream come true

It looks like the epoch of ‘new Amy Winehouses’ has drawn attention a bit away from the male performers, and actually the stronger part of the mankind largely has been not too active since the times of James Blunt. That is why the appearance of such a unique artist as Sam Sparro is just in time exactly now. His talent as an author is incontestable and due to the faultless vocals compositions can be heard at a breath. Although the melodies of his songs are rather complicated and only some of them can be remembered at once the great arrangements and contagious beat make a hit out of practically each track on Sam Sparro. This album is definitely a born artist’s dream come true and most probably achieving acknowledgement he will continue his way to the glory making more and more new creations. Combining several styles at once and having a perfect possession of his own voice Sam Sparro has managed to create a great album about which absolutely everyone will surely know this summer!

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (08.05.2008)
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