Words & Music (Deluxe Edition)

Studio Album by released in 2012
Words & Music (Deluxe Edition)'s tracklist:
Over The Border
I've Got Your Music
Heading For The Fair
Last Days Of Disco
Answer Song
Record Doctor
Twenty Five Years
When I Was Seventeen
I Threw It All Away
Haunted Jukebox
Tonight (Two Bears Remix)
Last Days Of Disco (Erol Alkan Remix)
DJ (Stay+ Remix)
I've Got Your Music (Golden Filter Remix)
Popular (Tom Middleton Cosmos Remix)
Heading For The Fair (The Time And Space Machine Waltzer Remix)
Tonight (Club Clique Remix)
Answer Song (White Horses Remix)
Haunted Jukebox (Summer Camp Remix)
I've Got Your Music (Kisses Remix)
DJ (Muddyloop Remix)
Last Days Of Disco (Beat Connection Remix)

Words & Music (Deluxe Edition) review

Saint Etienne – twenty years of sincere music

The story of that trio began in early nineties, when school friends Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs decided to establish a musical project. Initially the young men planned to invite various singers for the recording process, and their debut studio attempt titled Foxbase Alpha was created in exactly that way. Several vocalists took part in the creative process, and Sarah Cracknell was among them. The musicians enjoyed their collaboration so much that they decided to give it a try and to continue performing together. Thereby the trio Saint Etienne was formed, and it has been pleasing fans with its interesting music for more than two decades now. Electronica and indie-rock turned out to be ideal companions, and the band’s original and quite distinctive sound was highly evaluated and enjoyed by music lovers. The trio was even called one of the brightest representatives of indie-dance pioneers, and, all in all, it was quite close to the reality. Dance motives have always been a constant part of Saint Etienne’s creativity, while their shows had a truly rememberable atmosphere. Just imagine a full-volume rock show, where audience could not only listen to guitar drive melodies, but also people could dance. Luckily Saint Etienne musicians have not less fresh ideas, and the brand new, the eight studio album will help to make sure of it. By the way, the long play has got an explicit title - Words and Music.

Trio’s signature sound on Words and Music

It is always nice to know that some things in this world remain unchanged. Not identical, of course, but created in a traditional style. That is exactly what happened on Words and Music, and it cannot be anything but joy for the band’s old and faithful fans. The album is opened by a composition Over The Border, which demonstrates the trio’s signature and easy recognizable sound. Also that track is perfect for the long play’s title: in verses Sarah Cracknell is not singing, she just talks the lyrics. Well, here go both words and music, actually. This act is followed by the song I've Got Your Music with a dance beat and beautiful melodiousness that was created with the help of delicate arrangements and, which is the way more important, the performer’s voice. These essential components do exist in a total harmony, so it is pleasant to listen to the trio’s songs. The composition called Heading For The Fair did not turn out to be an exception: very soft sound in combination with dance attitude create a wonderful effect. Every listener must make sure to check out the song Last Days Of Disco, which can spellbind with its thick sound and a leisured tempo. A confident finale on Words and Music is played by the song Haunted Jukebox, an easy-to-listen and full of light. However for those lucky listeners, who managed to grab a deluxe version of that studio attempt, it is not the final chord.

Studio work and amazing bonuses

The standard issue of Words and Music includes thirteen great and solid tracks that will be much enjoyed by the trio’s old fans. In fact, all those who are going to get acquainted with Saint Etienne’s creativity, will get a lot of positive emotions. During the entire professional career the British musicians did not lose interest and passion to the art - Words and Music shows that in the best possible way. Moreover, the band is happy to please their faithful fans. Judge by yourself: do many bands present such immense bonuses? Deluxe version is almost twice bigger than the original edition, how do you like that? And the point is that the performers brought not just a couple of remixes. They prepared another complete (full length) disk with quite a distinct dance direction and attitude. Summer is definitely the best time for parties and dance floors in the open air, and these events just need the right soundtrack. It seems that Saint Etienne released an amazing variant indeed – mid-tempo and calm music from their brand new album will be simply perfect for creation of summer sunny mood. If you enjoy melodiousness electronic music, then Words and Music is your choice.

Danil Chernovalov (29.06.2012)
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