Clockwork Angels

Studio Album by released in 2012
Clockwork Angels's tracklist:
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
Halo Effect
Seven Cities Of Gold
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight
Wish Them Well
The Garden

Clockwork Angels review

Rush have been on stage for more than forty years

The story of that amazing band began in late sixties of the previous century in Toronto. The trio managed to make the name almost in no time – their debut was really confident. However the musicians needed several years to prepare and record their very first studio work. In fact, they took that process seriously and worked rather carefully, so it was not a surprise that Rush’ debut long play proved to be original and it intrigued listeners. Actually, with time the number of band’s fans just kept on increasing: the performers were looking for their unique style and they were not afraid of good musical experiments. Thus, they made a long way from hard-rock with blues elements to progressive-rock and even heavy-metal. During the entire career the Canadian musicians did not stop pleasing listeners with various surprises, and these very surprises have always been good ones. Thereby Rush turned out to be one of those bands that managed not to disappoint the fans. Well, the full houses at their shows, first places in charts and golden and platinum statuses of the trio’s albums are the best possible proofs of their success. The long story short – Rush are always in the spotlight, so no wonder that listeners were looking forward to get acquainted with Clockwork Angels as soon as possible. Finally the release took place, and all the wishing to can enjoy the long-awaited record.

Traditionally strong record Clockwork Angels

It goes without saying that Rush’ fans were expecting to get a traditionally strong and solid album from their idols. Now, when the long play Clockwork Angels has finally seen the light, it is possible to state that music lovers’ expectations have been completely satisfied. And it is really easy to make sure of it: the record’s first song called Caravan let us all know that Rush remained faithful to their style (for fairness’ sake it also should be mentioned that nobody actually doubted the artist’s choices). The track called BU2B continues to create an outstanding atmosphere. That act starts in a slow way, but gradually it gains momentum – the rockers still enjoy playing comparatively heavy songs, paying attention to melodiousness and elaborated networks of rhythms and tempos. Elements of progressive-rock did not disappear anywhere; they are presented in a respected amount, as before. The album’s title song Clockwork Angels deserves special attention and admiration – it consists of several interesting parts, which somehow manage to build up the unified whole. And it certainly sounds rich and even epic, in the best traditions of Rush. Of course, lovers of fascinating and smart lyrics will be pleased as well, as soon as the Canadian rockers are well-known for their serious approach to their songs texts. Thus, Halo Effect, The Wreckers and other compositions will bring a lot of positive emotions to connoisseurs of good music. The record Clockwork Angels lasts more than an hour, just as a good progressive-rock work should do.

Contemporary classics

There are a lot of bands and musicians in the world, who go against all skeptics saying that the rock music overcomes itself. Of course, the list of these bands, playing great rock’n’roll, would have been incomplete without the great Canadian trio Rush. These artists have been pleasing listeners with new hits for more than forty years, and just feel the quality of their songs! The very evolution of Rush is interesting by itself – the rockers made a long way from hard-rock and heavy metal to progressive-rock and they somehow preserved their passion to music. That is why, even after all these years, Rush still record amazing songs, every single of which is a hit. Tracks from one album may be quite distant from each other, but at the same time they are united by a general style and mood. Thereby the long play Clockwork Angels proved to be solid and it simply flows in one breath, despite of the fact that it lasts more than sixty minutes. Well, it seems that Rush artist proved once again that they are outstanding composers and amazing performers. The band’s music is always interesting to listen, and the artists find something new to surprise fans. Clockwork Angels will become an ideal present for true lovers of complex compositions with elaborated transitions and changes of mood. An excellent example of contemporary progressive-rock.

Danil Chernovalov (13.06.2012)
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