Robert Kelly Thomas was born on February 14, 1972, at the US military base in Germany. The boy was only two when his parents divorced. After that, Rob’s mother brought him to America. The kid was not raised in a proper fashion and never wanted to be a good student. Aged thirteen, he decided to become a musician and took up piano lessons from his friends. The first significant group in Robert’s life was called Tabitha’s Secret. After both guitarists were replaced and the group’s name was changed to Matchbox 20, the things started to improve. Their album called Yourself or Someone Like You (1996) showcased the outstanding abilities of the group members and interested many big music figures. As the main song writer on the band, Robert Thomas got a proposal to write a song for Carlos Santana’s new album to be sung by George Michael. It took the young musician only one night to write the splendid composition. Santana changed his mind and let Thomas sing it himself. And it was that very song, Smooth, that won three Grammies and made Robert Thomas a star overnight. Since then, the artist never suffered any lack of music offers from other performers and participated in as many projects as possible.

Rob’s personal life also went through significant changes. He married model Marisol Maldonado and relocated to New York. In Florida, he left his son Maison from his previous relationship. The new family life did not keep the musician from executing his professional duties. His group’s title was once again changed, this time to Matchbox Twenty. In 2000, they released the sophomore studio album, Mad Season, a solid record professionally arranged and loaded with catchy tunes. Three more years later, Matchbox Twenty came back to the market with the album titled More Than You Think You Are, less successful than the previous works. In the meantime, the members of the formation used to split up regularly to work on their own projects. Rob Thomas started building his solo career basically as a song-writer. Having gathered a remarkable collection of awards as a composer, he switched to recording activities.

In the spring of 2005, Rob Thomas debuted as a solo artist with the album Something to Be. All the singles the record spawned instantly hit Top Ten. The ABC channel selected the composition This Is How A Heart Breaks for their NBA broadcasting programs. Rob admitted to having made this album very personal. According to his words, each track was inspired by the events that had taken place recently in his life. In the midst of 2007, the musician penned the song Little Wonders for the Disney cartoon Meet the Robinsons. Later the same year, he reunited with the rest of the band to prepare the compilation of their most popular hits, Exile on Mainstream, also featuring six new tracks. In 2008, Rob Thomas came back to his solo career and started working on the material for the second long player. The artist’s primary goal was to present a collection of songs made in different genres with different instruments. That was why the record appeared to a large extent an experimental one to show all the sides of Rob’s rich talent. Called Cradlesong, it was delivered to the stores in the summer of 2009.

Studio Albums

Rob Thomas, Chip Tooth Smile mp3Chip Tooth Smile
  • Pop Rock
Rob Thomas,  The Great Unknown mp3 The Great Unknown
  • Pop Rock
Rob Thomas, Cradlesong mp3Cradlesong
The accent on rock is made on Rob Thomas' sophomore solo effort Cradlesong unlike the pop-oriented debut. Besides it can boast some utterly unexpected and original percussions
  • Pop/Rock
Rob Thomas, ...Something to Be mp3...Something to Be
On his album Something To Be Rob Thomas veers from modern R&B on the Justin Timberlake aping Lonely No More to vintage prog-rock in All That I Am, touching on all points in between.
  • Pop
  • Pop/Rock