Studio Album by released in 2012
ORA's tracklist:
Roc the Life
How We Do (Party)
R.I.P Featuring Tinie Tempah
Shine Ya Light
Love And War Featuring J.Cole
Fall In Love Featuring will.i.am
Been Lying
Hello, Hi, Goodbye
Hot Right Now

ORA review

Rita Ora and storybook in R&B style

Ora is one of the few pop stars on the modern stage who can boast at her twenties that she began her career with performing Awkward duetting with Craig David, took an audition in Eurovision: Your Country Needs You on BBC One and whose career received a great boost after cameo in Jay-Z’s video. And, of course, Jay-Z was sure to notice such a rough diamond and without speculating to much proceeded with gem-cutting and offered a young singer a multimillion contract with his Roc Nation label. Realizing her first album Ora, this shy Yugoslavian girl doesn’t think she will repeat the fate of Rihanna, though, frankly speaking, she may be as big as American R&B diva. Rita’s debut is a book of short stories, each of them is independent, rhythmic, with their own plot and climax, full of boiling young life experience that Ora is ready to share with us. Besides, we couldn’t but notice the galaxy of other stars who helped Rita in her narration. So the participants are will.i.am, Ester Dean, Drake, The-Dream, Kanye West, Stargate, and it is not all, let’s spice this avalanche of talents up with influences of jazz, Monica, Aaliyah and, of course, Gwen Stefani, who have always been Rita’s idol. What a volatile cocktail we have, haven’t we? Well, business before pleasure, let’s test this portion of hit-makers from miss Ora.

How We Do Party

Well, ladies and gentlemen, open your books on the first page of Ora. Composition we have here as opening is Facemelt that without a twinge of conscience throws in us storming, dirty beats with corresponding lyrics, song with which Ora gets us ready for the upcoming. This is a kind of a launch pad which we use to dive in the atmosphere of album. Rather short but still powerful for a good dip. Turn the page over. Story number two or Roc The Life, track that fully reflects and corresponds to its title as it depicts a child of fortune who doesn’t give a damn about anything that may spoil happy perception of life. This is possibly the most obvious contestant to the recent hit How We Do (Party), and in this fight with its light addition of rock guitar and nameable lyrics it entirely possible can be the winner. Let’s continue our reading, and yes, the next story of this British-Yugoslavian terrorist is How We Do (Party). Why terrorist? Well, because it’s difficult to imagine a person who will stay still being exposed to the explosive power of this track. Be careful with it, because Rita is going to teach you how to party. The explosive consequences will clearly be seen if you make a party, put this track on and see what will happen, but no claims and charges, we warned you. Flipping through. Hereafter we get lyrical as we face here smooth ballads like ‘Love And War’, ‘Been Lyin’ and ‘Hello, Hi, Goodbye’, it’s a little bit weird on the background of songs we heard before, but it is interesting to see how vulnerable can be the person who is so tough on the outside. And for the epilogue, not to finish on the sad note, we have Hot Right Now track, and we guess you had an opportunity to enjoy the dynamics and melodiousness of the track powered by DJ Fresh and brought to you by Rita Ora.

Ora album as a first step in the quest for individual sound

There are talks in the Internet that Rita lacks identity, that she is only a copy of a copy of a copy… Let’s mention the fact that it is the first album of this young singer...and see what a start! Time will show us who Rita Ora is, but now there is no doubt she is popular, she is energetic, she has her own charisma. Rihanna or not, Gwen Stefani or not, Katty Perry or not, Rita is Rita, her now tracks are everywhere and they are hits. So it’s up to you, our dear listener, to judge, whether to spend some quality time listening to hit from Ora or to go principal and limit yourself to the unknown true original. She is new in the business and has all the possibilities to be the professional and even to invent something new in R&B what is arguably possible taking into consideration what we currently have from Rita.

Artem Pronichev (14.09.2012)
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