Studio Album by released in 2012
Unapologetic's tracklist:
Fresh Off The Runway
Numb (Feat. Eminem)
Pour It Up
Loveeeeeee Song (Feat. Future)
Right Now (Feat. David Guetta)
What Now
Stay (Feat. Mikky Ekko)
Nobody's Business (Feat. Chris Brown)
Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary
Get Over With
No Love Allowed
Lost In Paradise
Half Of Me
Diamonds (Dave Aude 100 Extended)
Diamonds (Gregor Salto Downtempo Remix)

Unapologetic review

Robyn Rihanna Fenty: quality label in the world of R&B

There is an assumption that Barbados beauty never rests. A year passed from her Talk That Talk, and she's ready with a new album. And all this along with tours, support songs, videos, personal life and search for new material. This amount of energy cannot but please the fans of R&B diva, as for them each her new creation is a kind of celebration of independence, romance and unrestrained life. On this album, Rihanna does not appear as a co-writer for a single song, and it is, probably, for good. Rihanna is a magician but even this is not enough to do the quality work out of material in such a short period of time and present it to the public. This is a business for a number of well-known producers. On the new record, we meet the arrangements, lyrics and music from David Guetta, StarGate, Chase & Status and many, many others. What do we expect from a new disc? Well, in 2007, releasing her third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna has stated her line of character, and since then she performs in this line. Well, the cover of Unapologetic tells us about it eloquently. Here, the singer appears covered only in the guise of different inscriptions. Some kind of stream of consciousness. We may assume that the cover reflects the essence of the entire album, and it is a beautiful life and independence from people's opinion, who not so long ago were actively discussing in the Internet Rihanna’s home photos and her personal life. Using the cover Rihanna openly says that this is the way she is and she will continue in the same vein, no matter what is spoken and who is speaking. And sickos can put the cover to the collection of pictures downloaded from the Internet, she does not care. Sequaciously, the album Unapologetic should fully meet the stated qualities, which are displayed on the front side of the disc.

No excuses or Rihanna's new album

As it was expected, Rihanna has worried along as many as 27 seconds on the first track Fresh Off The Runway, without using a foul language, but on the 28th second we hear first f-word. What can we say about the track? Comrade Guetta does his best at charging the first track to its fullest, it is an absolute hit of the dance floor and parties. Here the gangsta-rap of Rihanna is surrounded by the electrified air, consisting of ragged bits and electronic sound. The track goes in constant tension and is about to explode with a clap of thunder. But no, it ends pretty nice with Rihanna's da-bi-da-bi-da-bi-doo. Next track Diamonds is familiar to listeners and already has its own video. Such a continuation is a bit shocking as after the first song Rihanna appeared in front of us as a hard-boiled vixen, but not, in Diamonds, romance is on the first place. A beautiful piano arrangement, even beat and jamming lyrics – shine bright like a diamond, makes it an absolute hit of the month. It is nice to know that girl like Rihanna has romantic, sweet and light side, despite the image of her formed in the previous six albums. The second track along with a third can be described as Love The Way You Lie 2.On the third song Numb we meet fiery synth-rhythms with power Eminem's rap. Track goes briskly and easy, though frankly speaking is not that bright as the one from the seventh album of American rapper. If for the hard-core lovers Rihanna has an immodest album cover, the answer for the ones who are curious for her personal life can be found in the track Nobody’s Business, which is recorded with Chris Brown. This is business of Rihanna and Chris, it is their relationships and nobody else’s.

Unapologetic manifest from Miss Fenty and Co.

One can talk about the new Rihanna's album endlessly, there are plenty of hits there. Well, diva could not appear in any other way. Regarding the set of songs, we can assure you songs were made specifically for her. Competent production work has its effect and on the background of all these scandals that surround the name of Rihanna, this album can be considered as the answer to all those who create intrigues around her and furthermore terrific marketing ploy. Despite the number of writers and producers, we cannot say that Rihanna as a person do not appear on the album. Firstly, it is her voice that energizes and makes each track more beautiful. Secondly, there is hardly a song on the album that was recorded in non-Rihanna's style, everything is according to the image of a good girl, who decided in 2007 to go bad. Among all the f-words that Miss Fenty skillfully uses in couple of songs, half of the songs if not more are recorded as romantic ballads like Loveeeee Song, What Now, Stay. For every mood there is a unique song - for rocking at the party and for a romantic evening together. This is Rihanna - a controversial nature, where these Jekyll and Hyde are fighting, and considering the number of lyrical ballads we can assume that doctor is a leader so far. Let's hope that everything in Rihanna's life will finally calm down, will level out and settle down ... though somewhere deep inside there is a selfish desire that everything remains the same, that this manifest of crazy emotions, feelings and impressions was continued, because actually, it is this explosive cocktail that makes our life more colorful.

Artem Pronichev (29.11.2012)
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