Talk That Talk

Studio Album by released in 2011
Talk That Talk's tracklist:
You Da One
Where Have You Been
We Found Love (Feat. Calvin Harris)
Talk That Talk (Feat. Jay Z)
Cockiness (Love It)
Birthday Cake
We All Want Love
Drunk On Love
Roc Me Out
Watch N' Learn

Talk That Talk review

Rihanna’s way to success

Rihanna has become one of the key figures of modern pop-music a long time ago. She is talented, charismatic and she is truly hard-working – her albums appear with only a year pauses (it was just Rated R that took two years of preparations). Curiously enough, but such tempo does not affect the quality of studio works at all. Every single album gets its own individuality and it does not copy the predecessors. Of course, the singer gets more and more fans every year, which is not a surprise, actually. Rihanna enjoys experiments with the sound, so the traditional rhythm and blues is accompanied by new elements: pop-music, dance music and even the extremely fashionable nowadays dub step found their place in Rihanna’s compositions. That skillfully prepared musical cocktail became the singer’s signature style. Nevertheless, she easily changes the styles and moods, from flirty romantic songs to powerful love ballads. They all do sound convincing indeed. Well, collaboration with such professionals as Timbaland, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake was definitely useful and advantageous. Many experts agreed that Rihanna has all the chances to become the new pop-diva, and the performer does her best to reach the heights. She managed to accomplish many achievements, but it is not the reason to stop, right? Rihanna’s sixth studio attempt was titled Talk That Talk and it saw the light in 2011.

Talk That Talk: the new, lighter stage in Rihanna’s creativity

Records Rated R and Loud has got something in common. They got some dark notes, which emerged from time to time in some of the compositions. However in that very aspect Rihanna’s new studio work is absolutely different from its predecessors. In general Talk That Talk proved to be the way lighter, but at the same time it did not lose its charm or style. The albums’ opening act is a mid-tempo song You Da One, where you can feel the influence of dub-step. The following track Where Have You Been got another kind of mood and sound: the electronic sound differs greatly from You Da One. But that kind of contrast will hardly become something completely brand new for Rihanna’s fans. The album’s title song Talk That Talk was recorded alongside with Jay Z and it proudly presents the powerful hip-hop beat. In general Talk That Talk will not bring a lot of surprises in the aspects of sound. There is no doubt that Rihanna has found her style a long time ago, but it was not the reason to stop her experiments with the sound. Well, it seems that at Talk That Talk the singer decided to decrease the number of experiments. That helped her to concentrate on emotions – the energy, as usual, is just perfect.

Professional development

Rihanna has been in the world of music for a long time and she definitely achieved some great results. Fans all around the world, first lines in various charts and bright and rememberable hits – she got that all. The artist simply does not have any average albums, and probably the situation is not to going change. Talk That Talk is the best proof that Rihanna still has a huge number of ideas for realization. Moreover, her newest work turned out to be very light, without hidden dark subtext. And that kind of mood corresponds to the artist’s bright music really well. She keeps on pleasing her faithful fans with new hits: Drunk On Love, We All Want Love and other tracks from the fresh album will sound on many radio station around the globe pretty soon. It is quite difficult to say for sure if there is a real competition between pop-divas, but Rihanna continues to fortify her positions. There is no doubt that Talk That Talk has become an excellent addition to her discography. And probably in a year Rihanna will please her fans with a brand new album.

Danil Chernovalov (25.11.2011)
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