Reamonn are one of the most gifted and standout rock group to have emerged in Europe for the last years. Reamonn Garvey was born and raised in Ireland. Having grown up, he formed The Reckless Pedestrians band. It did not succeed significantly, which prompted him to leave his motherland for Germany. Reamonn took just 50 marks and his own demo. He posted an ad in a Freiburg paper, and that was how he found musician Mike Gommeringer, or Gomezz. After choosing the style to follow, the two young men went looking for the required musicians. The quest took them six months. With everybody in the place, the band started rehearsing. The new formation was given an enigmatic name, Reamonn. In summer 1999, the musicians signed a contract with Virgin Records and launched a recording session for their first album in the Take One studio in Frankfurt. Having done one half, they decided to finish it in England. After completing the recording part, Reamonn went to London to do the mixing. They were lucky to work with producer Steve Lyon, famed for the cooperation with Depeche Mode, The Cure, Paradise Lost, and Paul McCartney.

In spring 2000, Reamonn released their first single, Supergirl. It earned the band the first wide recognition and retained high in the charts of the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Shortly after, the album, Tuesday, saw light to provide the group with powerful support and large audience in Europe. The lyrics were written by Reamonn Garvey alone, while the music was the product of all the members of Reamonn. Despite the obvious success of the debut studio work, the band was more famous for their industrious stage performances making their songs specifically energetic. While on a tour, Reamonn felt free to get acquired with their colleagues. They established warm relations with the celebrated rock outfits Guano Apes and HIM. It was no wonder, that the debut release made Reamonn a desired partner for numerous music recording companies. Nevertheless, the musicians presumed to stay with Virgin Records.

In 2001, Reamonn prepared a new present for their fans, the Dream No. 7 album. It was musically similar to the first release. The purpose of the sophomore studio work was preservation of the positions the band had captured before, which was properly done. The subsequent album, Beautiful Sky, was produced in 2003. It remained Number 1 in Germany for several months and ran platinum. The young lads from Reamonn were obviously not ready for the fame to pour on them and needed a break to get used to such dramatic changes in their lives. Before taking a pause, they released the concert album Raise Your Hands. In two years, the musicians were ready to present the new studio product, called Wish (2006), executed in the same vein as the other three. The session took place in Los Angeles to keep the tradition of recording abroad. The new songs included Tonight, another smashing hit after the slightly forgotten Supergirl. 2008 was the band’s anniversary celebrated by the release of the Reamonn album. The members of the band stated that it would be the most proficient work done by them to date, to reflect all the stage and studio experience accumulated by Reamonn for the previous ten years. The release of Reamonn’s first compilation album titled Eleven which included the band’s best works took place in 2010. That record consists of tried-and-true hits, such as Tonight, Million Miles, Supergirl and many others, but also Eleven presented three new compositions, and that definitely became a nice surprise for all Reamonn’s fans.

Studio Albums

Reamonn, Eleven mp3Eleven
  • Pop/Rock
Reamonn, Reamonn mp3Reamonn
Reamonn's fifth eponymous album proves to be even better than its successful previous creation and is built on a sounding closer to rock and offers several ready-made hits about love and relationship and also faith, life and freedom
  • Pop/Rock
Reamonn, Wish mp3Wish
  • Pop/Rock
Reamonn, Dream No. 7 mp3Dream No. 7
  • Pop/Rock
Reamonn, Tuesday mp3Tuesday
  • Pop/Rock


Reamonn, Wish Live mp3Wish Live
  • Pop/Rock
Reamonn, Raise Your Hands mp3Raise Your Hands
  • Pop/Rock
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