Write Me Back

Studio Album by released in 2012
Write Me Back's tracklist:
Love Is
Feelin Single
Lady Sunday
When A Man Lies
Clipped Wings
Beleive That Its So
Fool For You
All Rounds On Me
Believe In Me
Green Light
Party Jumpin
Share My Love
Beautiful In This Mirror (Bonus Track)
You Are My World (Bonus Track)
Fallin From The Sky (Bonus Track)
One Step Closer (Bonus Track)

Write Me Back review

Love correspondence goes on

Robert Kelly, mostly known as R.Kelly, among other things, stands out for his studio longevity. With twenty years of professional career behind his back, this American artist has never given himself a too long break, or deigned to release a time-killing album. There once came a moment when it became clear that Robert would be able to make his records on and on because each new one gives him a greater confidence of his abilities. And listeners seem to be absolutely satisfied with coming back to similar stories about a young man’s adventures. However, not long ago, R. Kelly altered his musical image as he flung himself into nostalgia. With broad vocal abilities, he managed to adjust his R&B style to retro soul, which had its impact on the lyrics. Two years ago, the artist released Love Letter appearing as sentimental and romantic as never before, and recently he has made an album with a title that puts it clearly that this story will be continued, Write Me Back.

R. Kelly’s rich talents

As an experienced and skillful producer, Robert Kelly did well to make his fresh record sound like works from thirty or even forty years ago. We are going to talk about love and whatever it can be, the artist says with its opening track, Love Is. As a matter of fact, not love alone is various here, but so is R. Kelly who one more time decided to display all sides of his talents to the audience. His voice, just like a illusionist, performs all kinds of transformations. Thus, in Fool For You the very plot dictates the choice of falsetto in which the character asks his lady for forgiveness. Falsetto in Feeling Single, on the contrary, brings in optimism and makes the tracks sound similar to Michael Jackson. Not all the texts worked out well, but there really are some interesting efforts like in When A Man Lies, a rough lesson for all men who hide truth from their women. The genre’s mandatory question of faith is touched upon in Believe In Me. Besides, Kelly reminds to those who have already forgotten that he plays the piano pretty well, and you can check that put in Clipped Wings.

A great artist who does it all by himself

Another thing that brings Write Me Back close to the soul works of the past is that R. Kelly was able to do everything on his own. He is a writer, a performer and a producer here. Are there many rappers and R&B performers who release album without support from outside experts and guest musicians? Probably, this independence was the reason for few errors here which could have been spotted by other producers, like the almost rock and roll song All Rounds On Me, a sparkling and catchy one, yet falling out of the album’s general concept. However, as if trying to convince his supporters he still remembers what music he came from and stays faithful to, R.Kelly closes the record with brilliant single Share My Love, executed in the vein of his classic hits. And his supporters must be indeed pleased with what they hear on Write Me Back. Their favorite has spent so much time on stage, but he is still capable of making surprises and his creativity is as powerful as ever.

Alex Bartholomew (05.07.2012)
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