French rock band Phoenix was formed in the nineties of the twentieth century. The story began quite ordinary: the young men started a group and began rehearsing at Thomas’ garage in the suburbs of Paris. Initially Phoenix were a trio: vocalist Thomas, bassist Deck and guitarist Christian. After the disbandment of Darlin' in 1995 the musicians were joined by another guitarist Laurent, Mazzalai’s older brother, while two other members of Darlin' later formed the famous duo Daft Punk. The brand new band Phoenix' style was difficult to identify, because the musicians are fond of such various genres as country, R’n’B, house and even rock. It was obvious that the cocktail of these unexpected elements could not be ignored by numerous music lovers.

Thus, the French band’s debut studio attempt titled United saw the light in 2000. Listeners enjoyed the album’s energy and the original sound. Moreover, the critics’ reviews were generally positive. Phoenix' creations proved to be really called-for: the composition Too Young appeared in the movie Lost In Translation, while the song If I Ever Feel Better was included into the soundtrack of TV series Entourage on HBO. This way the musicians managed to launch the career in a very confident way and to find fans in practically no time. The French rockers issued their second record Alphabetical four years after the release of United, in 2004. It is worth mentioning that Alphabetical also got excellent reviews and became a logical and incredibly successful development of the first long play’s ideas.

The musicians released the traditionally strong album titled It's Never Been Like That in 2006. It peaked at the thirteenth place in the list of fifty best albums of 2006 that was compiled by the Internet music magazine Pitchfork. This kind of attention from the famous magazine proved the fact that Phoenix kept on sincerely rocking for one hundred percent. Thus, the French musicians were mastering their skills and by 2009 their released the fourth long play Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which definitely became one of their best works so far. At the Grammy Awards this album won in the nomination Best Alternative Music Album and there is no doubt that such an honorable title says a lot about the band’s activity. They found both the listeners’ love and Academy’s jury and musical experts’ recognition. If you are just going to get acquainted with the quartet’s music, you can easily choose any of their albums as soon as Phoenix established a reputation of extremely talented and distinctive musicians, whose every single work is interesting in its own way.

Studio Albums

Phoenix, Alpha Zulu mp3Alpha Zulu
  • Alternative Dance
  • New Wave
Phoenix, Ti Amo mp3Ti Amo
  • Pop Rock
  • New Wave
  • Synth Pop
Phoenix, Bankrupt! mp3Bankrupt!
  • Indie Pop
Phoenix, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix mp3Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
The French indie-quartet Phoenix has finally managed to get rid of the “one hit artist” image, and its 4th studio record Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has proven it brilliantly. The record has a back-to-the-start atmosphere
    Phoenix, It's Never Been Like That mp3It's Never Been Like That
    On its third full-length, It's Never Been Like That, Parisian quartet Phoenix has created its most immediately endearing album. Who knew these French electronic dance boys had this good of a pop rock record in them?
    • Rock
    • Pop/Rock
    Phoenix, United mp3United
    • Hard Rock
    • Progressive Rock


    Phoenix, LIVE! ThirtyDaysAgo mp3LIVE! ThirtyDaysAgo
    • Synth Pop
    • Electronic
    • Downtempo