Peter Doherty is the symbol of rock music, a person who lives the true rock and roll life. Peter spent all his music age in the scandalous chronicles, unequal battle against law, dissipation and, surely, on the stage. Since his father was a military man, the boy used to often change his homes sometimes even moving out of his native English land. That was a very promising smart child to give big hopes to his parents. At school, Peter was doing very fine and would read a lot, immersing himself deeply into war history. He was so committed that once he decided to go to a university to study English literature. Yet the academic routine soon bore the young man to death. Doherty was able to hold on at the university only for a year and then began renting an apartment in London with a guitarist named Carl Barat. The guys were very different in daily life matters, but music was what helped them find complete understanding and harmony. It was not long before the lads assembled The Libertines, a big band to have a short, but glorious life. In 2001, they signed up a contract with Rough Trade and in one more year, released the debut single What a Waste to be followed shortly by the full length Up the Bracket.

The Libertines were quick to grab the status of the British new stars and spawned a huge line of followers gathered right behind them. However, Doherty was not always with the band at their triumphant times, which was caused by his drug addiction. In 2003, Barat stated that he was no longer willing to work with such a trouble making singer. Angered Doherty, blinded by his rage, broke into his colleague’s house and raised hell there while the group was away and giving concerts. This act earned Peter a month of imprisonment and a solid place in the tabloids. To massive surprise, Barat and Doherty made up after the latter was finally released. To part with narcotics for ever, Doherty got registered for the rehab program in Thailand, but after three days in the clinic, he escaped back to England. By that time, the musicians of The Libertines were absolutely certain they did not want Doherty with them in the future.

Such circumstances did not put an end to Doherty’s music activities. He started giving his solo gigs, allegedly, to spend all the earned money on drugs. Whatever the goal was, he managed to find himself musicians and form a group that was called Babyshambles. Around the same time, The Libertines released their sophomore studio effort that, despite the predominantly positive reviews, in fact was the promising band’s sawn song. Drug troubles were constantly bringing Doherty serious legal problems, while his attempts to put this all behind failed. Nevertheless, his endless passion for music along with composing and performing skills helped the man remain functional. In August 2005, Babyshambles issued the single Fuck Forever to prepare the audience for the release of the long player Down in Albion. Although it appeared a somehow messy and unfinished-looking record, this album proved that Doherty and his team were capable of making top stuff. In the meantime, Peter kept showing up in the press as the main character of drunk and drug influenced adventures. But since 2005, media began speculating on his romantic ties with model Kate Moss. Doherty even claimed he was going to marry her, which in fact remained undone. In April 2007, the artist reunited with Barat once again for a single show, but the reanimation of The Libertines was still out of question. In March 2009, Doherty released his first solo album, Grace/Wastelands.

Studio Albums

Peter Doherty, Hamburg Demonstrations mp3Hamburg Demonstrations
  • Folk Rock
  • Pop Rock
Peter Doherty, Grace/Wastelands mp3Grace/Wastelands
  • Indie Rock
  • Rock
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