Writer's Block

Studio Album by released in 2006
Writer's Block's tracklist:
Writer's Block
Objects of My Affection
Young Folks
Start to Melt
Up Against the Wall
Paris 2004
Let's Call It Off
The Chills
Roll the Credits
Poor Cow

Writer's Block review

Peter Bjorn And John are conquering the next peaks

Peter Bjorn And John were formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1999. Made up of members Peter Moren on vocals, guitar, and harmonica; Bjorn Yttling on vocals, bass, and keyboards; and John Eriksson on percussion and vocals, the band is influenced by the sounds of classic '60s baroque pop, power pop, and new wave, but the guys aren't revivalists. Instead, they created some of the most exciting and original indie rock of the mid 2000s. The band began playing gigs soon after forming and quickly began appearing on compilations alongside artists like Sahara Hotnights, Badly Drawn Boy, and Holiday For Strings. After releasing some singles (The Forbidden Chords EP, Failing And Passing), the band Peter Bjorn And John released its self-titled first album in 2002 on the tiny Beat That! label. After more shows and more singles (People They Know, See Through), the group jumped to the Planekonomi label in 2004 and released the Beats, Traps And Backgrounds EP. It was soon followed by the wonderful 2004 full-length release Falling Out. At the beginning of 2007, we again can see new music from the group and new fascinating songs. Although Swedish indie-pop has been on an upswing over the past couple of years, and though the eclectic trio Peter Bjorn And John made a strong impression with its first two albums, its third album Writer's Block is still a surprising, assured step forward.

Writer's Block is music for connoisseurs

As likeable as quasi-retro folk-rock can be, Writer's Block is essentially a sound for connoisseurs who get off on the evocation of once-fashionable musical moods. Peter Bjorn And John carve out a unique sonic space, simultaneously pompous and intimate, and they don't over decorate. Aside from the post-intro opening song Object Of My Affection, which has the relentless percussive force of a freight train, the songs on Writer's Block are melodious, making good use of emptiness. Every song has that kind of stripped-down, well-thought-out, whatever-works production style that brings the music fully to life. Check the steel drums on Let’s Call It Off, the shh-shh-shh percussion on The Chills, or the majestic tubular bells of Roll The Credits. Or look at the infectious single Young Folks, which is as nice a love ballad as you'll hear anywhere. Victoria Bergsman and Peter Moren's duet is enough to warm the heart of even the grumpiest romance snob. The lilting Paris 2004, which begins with the perfectly sweet line "while I'm sleeping you paint a ring on my finger with your black marker pen," is also heartbreakingly romantic. Writer's Block is the work of a band at the absolute peak of its writing and performing skill. It's hard to imagine Peter Bjorn And John getting better than this. Hopefully, they will, but if not, they'll always have this album to call their masterpiece.

Peter Bjorn And John play by their own rules

The group Peter Bjorn And John is a mysterious, constantly developing and changing collective of like-minded persons. For mere mortals it may be very difficult to understand all rash ideas, which people can find in their works. Releasing the new album Writer’s Block the band agreed the self-imposed rules before recording: 1. Keep it simple. 2. Don't lose the spontaneity of the first take. 3. Don't stay in the studio for more than four hours at a time. 4. Change instruments with each other often. 5. Follow your heart. You must admit that it is very unusual, but intrigue. More amazing surprise will be waiting for the fans of the group Peter Bjorn And John on their gripping shows, which the band will present in many cities of the world. The band will go on the fascinating tour to promote their new album. The record Writer's Block from Peter Bjorn And John irreproachably follows every rule the band laid out. The instrumentation is superb, the record feels unforced, and the music is heartfelt. The three men from Stockholm may have had a case of writer's block in naming their band, but the ten songs they recorded in their limited and spontaneous studio time flow with boundless ease.

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