Paramore is an American band playing a blend of punk and emo-rock. It was formed in 2002 in Franklin, Tennessee. The initiative of forming Paramore was promoted by Josh and Zach Farro after they met Hayley Williams who moved to Franklin from his native state of Mississippi. To complete the lineup, the musicians invited Jason Bynum and Jeremy Davies. After that the band stepped into a period that almost any rock act has in its history. They played at small clubs and took part in various college talent contests capturing the hearts of their first followers and took up the making of demo tapes to reach out for sound recoding companies ready to work with them. It tool the group quire a while. As late as in 2005, the rockers managed to draw the attention of the management of Fueled by Ramen, a company that finally agreed to work with them. In the summer of 2005, Paramore were ready with their debut long player, All We Know Is Falling.

The release of the first studio effort gave Paramore a sign to start a campaign on extending their fan base. Performances at popular festivals together with tours alongside more famous and experienced musicians came in handy and soon turned the young band into an attractive partner for labels of a bigger size than the one they were with. As a result, Paramore moved under the aegis of Atlantic Records. It is essential to mention that they began working on the sophomore album in a reduced lineup. First, they lost Bynum who decided to go shortly before the start of 2006. He was replaced by Hunter Lamb. This musician played in good faith helping the band during all the concerts due that year, but early in 2007 he departed too. The rest of the musicians came to a conclusion that they did not need to look for a new substitution and carried on as a quartet. In the summer of 2007, the American ensemble delivered the second album called Riot!. Paramore could hardly have expected more than this album turned out to be. It took the release a bit more than one year to turn platinum. Besides, Riot! Earned the band a Grammy nomination. This record featured Paramore’s first massive hits including Misery Business, Сrushcrushcrush, and That's What You Get. Having recruited a new guitarist, Taylor York, the rockers embarked on a long concert voyage during which they used the intermissions to record two songs as soundtrack for Twilight.

Paramore’s concerts were regularly sold-out while the musicians themselves, despite the heavy schedule, gave away all they could during each separate gig. In 2008, Paramore issued an excellent live songs set, The Final Riot! (2008), that evidenced the madness of the band’s concerts in their prime. Just like all young performers who reached recognition, Paramore had to get through the ordeal by fame. The journalists were especially interested in the personality of Hayley Williams who did a good job treating it like a professional. In addition, the press circulated the rumors about the group’s approaching collapse that were denied by the band’s soon return to the studio with the views to record another album. Entitled Brand New Eyes, it arrived in the autumn of 2009 and had high sells since the very start.

Studio Albums

Paramore, This Is Why mp3This Is Why
  • Post-Punk
  • Dance-Punk
Paramore, After Laughter mp3After Laughter
  • Alternative Dance
  • Power Pop
  • New Wave
Paramore, Paramore mp3Paramore
  • Pop Punk
  • Power Pop
Paramore, Brand New Eyes mp3Brand New Eyes
Paramore's third album undoubtedly witnesses an impressive professional growth of each of the team members. Much more mature lyrics, serious musicians' playing and the producer's quality work
    Paramore, RIOT! mp3RIOT!
    • Pop Punk
    • Power Pop
    • Pop/Rock
    Paramore, All We Know Is Falling mp3All We Know Is Falling
    • Pop Punk
    • Pop/Rock


    Paramore, Monster mp3Monster
    • Indie Rock
    • Pop Punk


    Paramore, The Final RIOT! mp3The Final RIOT!
    • Emo-Pop
    • Pop Punk