Paolo Nutini is a folk and rock music performer with an easily recognizable voice and peculiar singing style. He was born in Paisley, a small town near Glasgow, Scotland. Despite the obviously Italian origin of his last name, Nutini’s four last generations have lived in this country. Paolo’s family runs a fish shop in Paisley. The future artist’s father and mother believed and hoped that their son would inherit their business and dedicate himself to the shop, yet this never happened. When studying at school, Paolo spent three and a half years attending private singing classes. After that, the boy’s all teachers insisted on his starting a music career. All of them could see how talented their pupil was. Paolo’s way into the music world led him through the work of a roadie for Speedway. During the concerts of this formation, he had to make sure the equipment was in order. The young man used his free time to perform on the stage himself, both as a solo artist and together with other musicians.

One would never be sure when and how Paolo Nutini would have his career breakthrough if not for the good luck. He was the quickest participant of the quiz to answer the questions dedicated to the concert by David Sheddon. As a winner, Paolo could take a chance and sing a couple of this singer’s songs on the stage before his actual arrival, which he did in a perfect way. One of the spectators was a music manager who saw the great talent and potential in the young man and offered him a partnership. Aged seventeen, Nutini was invited to the BBC Radio of Scotland as one of the nation’s most promising young performers. After that, he relocated to London to sing regularly at very prestigious clubs. Paolo Nutini dedicated the whole of 2006 to the concert activity visiting every corner of the Great Britain. He was a warmly welcomed guest to overcrowded halls and the country’s biggest venues. Impressed by the new star’s skills, the audience urged him to release a full length album.

To make this accomplishment, Paolo teamed up with the celebrated Ken Nelson who had the experience of working with such big bands as Coldplay и Gomez. The release of These Streets was arranged by Atlantic Records, a Nutini’s label since the spring of 2005. To prepare the public for the arrival of the long player, Paolo presented two singles, the title song These Streets and the composition Last Request, released in the first half of 2006. The album itself was delivered to the market in the same summer. According to the singer’s statement, These Streets was a recapitulation of what he had experienced and gone through for the last three years, a sort of his biography. It was not a surprise to anybody that the record appeared a splendid seller and earned a golden certificate in two weeks already. Following that release, Nutini embarked on a massive touring campaign covering his native soil and lands far beyond. Among the most memorable appearances by this singer, one should mention his participation in the Glastonbury Festival and performance of Louis Armstrong’s classical What A Wonderful World at Wembley Stadium in 2007. In June 2009, Atlantic Records released Nutini’s sophomore studio effort, Sunny Side Up. The singer executed solely the duties of producer for the whole material, which once more showcased the richness of his abilities.

Studio Albums

Paolo Nutini, Last Night In The Bittersweet mp3Last Night In The Bittersweet
  • Folk Rock
  • Krautrock
  • Soft Rock
  • Blue Eyed Soul
Paolo Nutini, Caustic Love mp3Caustic Love
  • Folk Rock
  • Blue Eyed Soul
Paolo Nutini, Sunny Side Up mp3Sunny Side Up
Paolo Nutini, the young Scottish folk artist, recorded the second disc Sunny Side Up. This record mixed several musical styles and demonstrated Nutini's significant growth in singing-songwriting
  • Pop Reggae
  • Pop
  • Blue Eyed Soul


Paolo Nutini, Live and Acoustic mp3Live and Acoustic
  • Folk Rock
  • Pop Rock