Right Place Right Time

Studio Album by released in 2012
Right Place Right Time's tracklist:
Army Of Two
Loud & Clear
Dear Darlin
Right Place Right Time
Hand On Heart
Hey You Beautiful
Head To Toe
What A Buzz
Cry your heart out
One of these days
Sliding Doors
Perfect Night (to say goodbye)
The One
Trouble Maker (Live)
Army Of Two (Live)

Right Place Right Time review

Right Place Right Time

In the right place at the right time. Truly Olly is lucky in his musical career, and the name of his third studio album may be considered as a charactonym. With a first step, fortune was on his side. His debut album Olly Murs rocked with 600,000 copies sold and the double-platinum certification according to BPI. It is not bad, is it? And then ... the year hadn't passed and Oliver was on top with new album In Case You Didn't Know in UK Albums Chart and with his two singles from the same album on the first place in the UK Singles Chart. In 2012, story goes again, the end of the year and Mr. Murs conquered the top best-selling albums chart for the second time. November 26 saw the release of the album Right Place Right Time, and exploded in 127,000 copies sold. Thus, the young musician grabbed the first place in UK sales getting over American R&B diva Rihanna and he still continues to gain points. Olly Murs performs his songs in pop style though does not hesitate to add elements of reggae, soul, or even rock. It is logical to assume that freshly released album is likely to be recorded in this very concept – a modern pop sound with experimental incorporation of other styles. For the time being the main thing Olly needs is not to focus on one thing, but always looking for the most unique and individual sound, in search of which, judging by the numerous interviews, Oliver Stanley Murs is now.

Faster, higher, stronger

LP opens with epic at its very beginning track, called Army Of Two – strings, woodwinds, accelerating percussion – everything here resembles hymn or march. But in twenty seconds symphonic piece comes to an end and we hear electronic beat and Mr. Murs's voice. The semantic content of the song is in the context of the genre and it is definitely love. One should notice that the lyrical themes on the album cover its bigger part, and the lyrical mood here first of all is formed by text and not by mournful, dreary, sad music. Oliver Stanley Murs is romantic person, but not enough to lose heart. Second track Troublemaker can be added to the same type of songs, besides it has its own video so far. Then comes number four on the list and here we meet the title track of the album Right Place Right Time. Beginning of the track is not less epic than the aforesaid track Army Of Two, as the structure of the track is the same – a warming orchestral introduction followed by a fast, agile melody. But this does not mean that the record provided by Oliver has nothing but dance tracks. For fans of quieter rhythms musician prepared such songs as Cry your heart out, One Of These Days, and of course, The One. Rhythm is losing ground and retreating to the sidelines giving way to melody and Olly Murs the Romanticist.

Olly Murs: a new star on the British horizon

Of course, having listened to the album, one should recognize the talent of the young musician, who tirelessly works, composes, sings. In an interview, Mr. Murs admitted that his aim is to achieve something new and unknown in the music and to give progress to his creative ego. Naturally, Olly Murs took a good pace and his creative luck is a subject for the envy ones, but high-speed annual album after album releasing casts a shade of doubt on the sincerity of his intentions to find a creative way and looks more like a maximum monetization of the project being at the peak of glory. We do not deny the fact that the whole situation is entirely in the hands of the young British, and at any moment he can turn it around. But he is popular so far and people are not sad of his album release performance. The album itself is fully consistent with that standards set by Murs and his first two albums. Yes, album contains unconditional hits and moderate song. It is impossible to call album better than the debut Olly Murs or In Case You Didn't Know. So far it seems to be a stable solid middle, even rhythm without jumps, for better or for worse. Perhaps at the beginning of his career, Olly is just eyeing and searching, and along the strike provides material already accumulated over the past years. May be, it is vice versa – marketing moves in mysterious ways. But we do not need these vicissitudes of show business, as long as soul sings along and body asks for the dance, and these two paragraphs album Right Place Right Time accomplishes 150%, the rest is a deal of conversations and discussions, and tastes differ a lot as we all know.

Artem Pronichev (11.12.2012)
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