Little Broken Hearts

Studio Album by released in 2012
Little Broken Hearts's tracklist:
Good Morning
Say Goodbye
Little Broken Hearts
She's 22
Take It Back
After The Fall
4 Broken Hearts
Travelin' On
Out On The Road
Happy Pills
All A Dream

Little Broken Hearts review

Most unique album in Norah Jones’s discography

The new album by the incomparable Norah Jones is an example of an organized, effective and efficient collaboration of a performer and a producer. Her fifth studio record, Little Broken Hearts, is produced by Brian Burton (Danger Mouse), who once already worked with Norah. Four years ago, the singer helped Brian prepare a collection called Rome, a tribute to prominent Italian composers writing film soundtracks, particularly Ennio Morricone. Since then, Burton waited, believed and hoped that one day he would again team up with Norah. The singer’s packed schedule delayed the tandem’s reunion over and over until not long ago. Little Broken Hearts is a CD which is destined to be unique in Jones’s discography. She has deviated from her technique significantly, and the record has a very distinguished concept, which predetermines a very special selection of instrumental support.

A different version of well-known events

One would be very wrong to say Little Broken Hearts is the first album dedicated to breakups, cheatings and other unpleasant endings of relationships. Again and again do we get to hear a song or a whole album where artists, demonstrating sincerity of different degrees, shed bitter tears, repent and ask for forgiveness. Norah Jones would not be Norah Jones if she simply walked the beat-off track. On her new offer, she tries on an interesting and fascinating part of a woman who is not looking for your sympathy or crying over the past love. This selection of stories starts with melancholic Good Morning. A stringС section and Norah’s unexpectedly high-pitched and irritated vocals prepare the listener for a tensed atmosphere kept up through the entire record. Say Goodbye again focuses on the atmosphere instead of technical nuances. Guitars are here not to produce beautiful melodies, but to make all kinds of irksome, stingy sounds of squeaking or gritting. It is all made even more surreal through repetition of the same three notes over the song. Miriam displays a perfectly arranged contrast. To the lullaby music, the main character promises the worst of lives to her rival who tries to steal her husband.

Little Broken Hearts is a story you want to hear again and again

Little Broken Hearts is in many parts like a soundtrack to one or several motion pictures. There are no self-imposing tunes here which could distract from the narration. On the contrary, the album’s music is adjusted to the story and can hardly be meaningful without vocals. One of the record’s highlights, 4 Broken Hearts, is a reminiscence of scores for Sergio Leone’s classic westerns where he liked to savor every moment and make most out of each episode. The record takes a very moderate pace and never reaches high speeds as it advances gradually to its ending like a big belles letters book. At the same time, there are no similar songs here, mainly thank to a very considerate choice of instruments. She’s 22 charms you with a combination of guitar and piano. Travelin’ follows a beautiful cello line, and All A Dream is built on a reggae-influenced beat. The accurate design of musical accompaniment and Norah Jones’s full commitment to her character in each song make Little Broken Hearts into a mind-blowing performance you will want to hear over and over again.

Alex Bartholomew (12.05.2012)
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