Nirvana is an American band formed by Curt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in 1987, in Aberdeen, a small town in Washington. They recorded the debut album, Bleach, for as little as 606.17 USD and released it in spring 1989. Thanks to multiple concerts and promotion via college radio, Nirvana interested big recording companies. Many labels fought each other for the chance to sign a contract with the talented young musicians making an original sort of music. The victory belonged to DGC company. Dave Grohl, the drummer, was the last member to join the band and complete the lineup. In September 1991, after the European tour with Sonic Youth, Nirvana released their best album, Nevermind, one of the most outstanding pieces in the history of rock-music. Neither the label nor the musicians themselves expected this record to gain such stunning success.

The music by Nirvana, simple, yet original and sincere, made its makers the new youth icons. The perfect example of Nirvana’s art was Smells Like Teen Spirit, an MTV favorite. In the early 1992, Nevermind dethroned Michael Jackson’s Dangerous and topped the American charts. The UK audience welcomed this album as warmly as back in the States. By February 1992, Nevermind ran triple platinum. This album freed the alternative music from underground and led it to the biggest stages, television and most popular magazines covers. Many started to copy Nirvana’s style combining expressive, melodic and heavy dirty sound with depressive and sophisticated lyrics. The young musicians of Nirvana, who had never tasted the rich life, were not ready for the sudden popularity. Nevertheless, they continued to act in an aggressive and extravagant manner, while doing shows, interviews or videos. Curt Cobain, the band’s leader, married Courtney Love, the vocalist on the indie band Hole. The spouses did not deny drug use, and due to their excessive consumption, Nirvana were repeatedly forced to cancel the promised concerts. Curt made up his mind to take some care of his own health after his daughter Francis Bean had been born.

In the late 1992, Nirvana released a compilation, Incesticide, and in spring of the following year started the session for the third album, In Utero. It was accompanied by conflicts between the musicians and the label’s management, and after the album’s release, Curt, having too much narcotic, attempted suicide. In Utero was released in September 1993 and earned critical acclaim and the audience’s attention. Although it debuted first in the American and British charts, In Utero was not a commercial hit. Nirvana’s concerts gathered not as many people as before. The acoustic performance on MTV made it a bit better. However, tortured by drugs and depression, Curt continued attempting suicide. After he had failed to kill himself again, Courtney persuaded him to have rehabilitation courses in Los Angeles. Curt escaped the centre and came back to Seattle. He shot himself in the room above his garage on April 4, 1994. Naturally, Nirvana could not exist without Curt. The scheduled double live album was not released. The band’s swan song was MTV Unplugged in New York, the leader of the British and American charts. The remaining musicians started their own projects. Dave Grohl formed Foo Fighters, and Krist Novoselic organized Sweet 75.

Studio Albums

Nirvana, In Utero mp3In Utero
  • Grunge
Nirvana, Nevermind mp3Nevermind
  • Grunge
Nirvana, Bleach mp3Bleach
  • Grunge
Nirvana, All Of Us mp3All Of Us
  • Psychedelic Pop
  • Baroque Pop

Compilation albums

Nirvana, Sliver: The Best of the Box mp3Sliver: The Best of the Box
Sliver: The Best of the Box is concise; it doesn't linger in one particular time period, nor does it overwhelm the listener with bland material. It's a varied listen, and it does a better job presenting unreleased nuggets than With the Lights Out
  • Grunge
Nirvana, With the Lights Out mp3With the Lights Out
  • Grunge
  • Indie Rock
Nirvana, Nirvana mp3Nirvana
  • Grunge
Nirvana, Incesticide mp3Incesticide
  • Grunge