Natasha Bedingfield


Natasha Bedingfield was born into a family of New Zealand-born parents, John and Molly Bedingfield, both charity workers. Natasha and her brothers Daniel and Joshua along with her sister Nicola grew up in the suburbs of London. Kids got interested in music since their early years and their parents supported them in this aspiration. Natasha, for example, took lessons of piano and guitar. In 90s, Daniel, Nikola and Natasha formed a dance-electronica band The DNA Algorithm, which sang mostly about religion. Natasha was a vocalist and a songwriter in this band - the acquired experience helped her later in her solo career. The band split without gaining any significant result. Natasha entered the Greenwich University for the psychological department - she believed that would help her to write better lyrics for her songs.

However, after a year of study Bedingfield dropped the university to concentrate fully on her creativity. During 90s and the beginning of 00s, Natasha wrote songs for the Hillsong London Church. In 2004, such Christian albums as Shout God's Fame and Jesus Is My Superhero featured her works. The singer also recorded demos in the studios of her friends and sent the material to different labels. In 2003, she received a contract with the Sony BMG. In September 2004, Bedingfield presented the listeners with the debut disc Unwritten. The full-length contained uptempo pop rock compositions with the R&B influence and mostly explored the themes of independence and woman empowerment. Songs These Words, Unwritten and Single became hits in the UK and the USA, bringing Bedingfield a number of prestigious nominations. Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield, who is a pop singer as well, are mentioned in the Guinness Record Book as the only brother and sister to produce solo number-ones in the UK chart.

The second Bedingfield's work N.B. was released in April 2007 in Europe - in the USA this disc was not issued. The material on N.B. featured a mixture of several modern styles, including reggae, electronica and R&B. The lead single to the album was a playful and cheerful song I Wanna Have Your Babies, telling about the importance of finding a right man to have children with. It was followed by tracks Soulmate and Say It Again. In order to promote N.B. she accompanied Justin Timberlake in his support tour Futuresex/Lovesounds. In July 2007, Natasha sang her hit Unwritten at the Concert For Diana in London. Bedingfield is also famous for her charity activity, including donations in her mother's organization the Global Angels. Some time ago, the artist became the ambassador for this charity. In January 2008, the artist released the album entitled Pocketful of Sunshine, which is the version of her second album for the USA. It contains six best compositions from the N.B. disc along with seven absolutely new Natasha's tracks. The singer’s third album entitled Strip Me was released in late 2010. As Natasha stated, for her that record proved to be a new stage of creativity, and while working on it, she found a new sound. However the artist managed to preserve the signature easy recognizable atmosphere, which is so much loved by the music lovers.

Studio Albums

Natasha Bedingfield, Roll With Me mp3Roll With Me
  • Contemporary R&B
  • Dance Pop
Natasha Bedingfield, Strip Me mp3Strip Me
Natasha Bedingfield's third album Strip Me is devoted to relationship between men and woman and between a person and the surrounding world but it is the most eclectic album in the artist's discography offering several potential hits at once
  • Contemporary R&B
  • Pop
Natasha Bedingfield, Pocketful of Sunshine mp3Pocketful of Sunshine
Pocketful Of Sunshine, the US version of Natasha Bedingfield's second album is different from the original variant in a rather notable way for there are only six songs from N.B. on the record, while the other seven are absolutely new compositions
  • Contemporary R&B
  • Pop Soul
  • Pop
Natasha Bedingfield, N.B. mp3N.B.
  • Pop
Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten mp3Unwritten
Unwritten is a startlingly good example of glossy, intelligent, commercial pop music circa 2005. Aided and abetted by some of music's biggest hit makers, Natasha reveals the true size of her ambition and potential, squaring up to every female chart
  • Pop