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Luvanmusiq review

Musiq: true romanticist of pop scene

Romance in arts is a rare phenomenon to meet nowadays. Pop music may have had some true sincerity and deep feelings in it formerly but a desire to make money on brutish instincts has done what it’s done – Pop music became badly dependant on dirty themes usage. But you shouldn’t feel desperate about it - true romanticists still exist. If you like R&B and soul and you don’t want to hear ambiguous hints any more than it is quite possible that the best way out of this situation will be a new Musiq’s album Luvanmusiq. Twelve gracefully produced tracks on the fourth Talib Johnson’s album stand as the best Pop alternative to all possible “hotty things”. The album offers you to dive into the atmosphere of neo-R&B and affectionate, love lyrics. The album has both club hits and beautiful ballads for a silent, romantic evening. A four years break between the albums and major label shift didn’t affect Musiq’s views upon music, just like before he loves leisurely rhythm, warm sound and alluring poems dedicated to women.

Musiq wants to diversify his music

The album opens with a single B.U.D.D.Y. This is the most atypical Musiq’s song on the record. Low beat and Musiq’s half talking manner gives it a pronounced club or even rap flavor. However, Soul chorus clicks everything into place, it becomes clear that Musiq is not going to join the ranks of Hip Hop performers, he just wants to make his music more diverse. The song stands out of the rest of the album’s material, but this is absolutely harmless for its hit potential. Makeyouhappy belongs the Luvanmusiq’s dance set too, but despite its club air it corresponds to the Musiq’s performing style much better. The album abounds in beautiful ballads. Teach Me is one the brightest examples of this side of the album. It has rather simple production – piano, guitar and unhurried rhythm section, but such an approach leaves enough space for Musiq’s rich vocal parties. He skillfully combines recitative with sinning, creating sultry and languishing atmosphere. Take a look at Takeyouthere or Lullaby, these are slow, attractive Soul songs, which can’t leave anyone different to Luvanmusiq.

Lumanmusiq - romantic atmosphere is guaranteed

There are virtually no disadvantages in Luvanmusiq. The sound, performance – everything is done on a highest level. This is a great R&B release, if you have already listened Jerald Levert’s posthumous album In My Song it will be easier for you to understand what is Luvanmusiq. Their styles are akin, the principle difference is that Musiq tends to more modern sounding and performance and never refuses fissionable musical trends. As concerns its disadvantages, the album may seem a little bit tiresome. Of course, Musiq tries his best to diversify his material with vocals and arrangements but many songs are made in an identical tempo. This, however, may become an obstacle only for those who are casual neo-R&B listeners, real fans will gladly accept all the Musiq’s sensitive passages, the more so because he draws in some slight stylistic modifications. And of course his lyrics are as heartfelt as ever. Luvanmusiq is good for home listening when you are alone, but it is much better when there are two of you. And if you’ll play it while having a date a romantic atmosphere will be guaranteed.

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