Black Holes and Revelations

Studio Album by released in 2006
Black Holes and Revelations's tracklist:
Take a Bow
Supermassive Black Hole
Map of the Problematique
Soldier's Poem
City of Delusion
Knights of Cydonia

Black Holes and Revelations review

Black Holes And Revelations is a real sensation

Three years have passed since Muse’s last album, Absolution, was released. That time many said that it was much better than the one before it, Origin Of Symmetry, but there is no doubt their fourth creation Black Holes And Revelations leaves all the others far behind. This record is not a simple collection of good tracks; this is a one whole unit of politically oriented songs under the aegis of 21century global situation. The UK trio consisting of bassist Chris Wolstenholme, drummer Dominic Howard and front singer Matthew Bellamy has now turned to such topics as conspiracies, injustice and futility of war and above all this a hope for the eternal love. Moreover, Black Holes And Revelations is a means to open the world’s eyes to what is going on in different countries, metaphorically describe the possibility of the new space era in the next ten years and even invoke a revolution. Concerning its quality as a music work, one of the leading rock bands in the world’s new record is refined with brilliant front and back vocals, a new style of guitar playing resembling the Spanish one and some elements of dance floor hits for the greater part of the album was recorded in New-York. Being the best Muse’s creation in the whole course of its existence and sounding like a new prophecy Black Holes And Revelations is a real sensation.

Muse’s work has never been better

Black Holes And Revelations is a powerful and breathtaking album. Its 12 tracks including the bonus Glorious can be listened to as many times as you can without getting tired at all. The album opener Take a Bow immediately conquers you with its wonderful guitar parts and the front singer’s splendid vocals. A lighter track Starlight contrasts well with a bit sharp Supermassive Black Hole, and a very melodious song Map of the Problamatique with beautiful piano chords performed by Bellamy sounds superb. The topic of senseless and unjust war is covered in such ballads as Soldier’s Poem and Invincible, while the heavy rock number Assassin concerns political problems. The most outstanding tracks on the album are Hoodoo and City Of Delusion, here the musicians’ talent is revealed at its best. The drums of Dominic Howard have never sounded better than on Black Holes And Revelations, especially in the emotional Exo Politics – a song concentrated on the guys’ ideas of extraterrestrial civilizations. The final historical song Knights Of Cydonia is remarkable for the bassist’s genius playing. On the whole the record is a real masterpiece in the respect of all its aspects – the lyrics, the sound, the order of songs and of course Matthew Bellamy’s incomparable vocals have never been better.

Muse’s message is meant for everybody

It is really amazing that being so young – all around 20 years old – the guys possess that inner feel of coming events. The new millennium cannot help being marked by a gigantic change in the whole world’s structure and all the metaphors Muse uses on Black Holes And Revelations are intended to reveal these ideas. Their music reflects everything that is happening today in different spots of our planet including the global terrorism and countless wars. In addition there are broad hints that in the nearest future we are going to find out if we are not alone in the universe. At times spacey sounds are heard in the background of the songs on the album and Matthew Bellamy’s high tone vocals are more powerful and persuasive than ever. There are quite little performers nowadays who write and sing songs about the present day life and Muse is one of them. The guys more than anybody keep up with the times. Actually, they are even ahead. Black Holes And Revelations is not a mere album, it is a grand push given to the world in order to make everybody realize that our lives and fates are in our own hands and unless we do something now it is very hard to state firmly whether the world is going to last forever. If not – the reason would be our own inactivity. Muse’s message is meant for everybody, so listen before it’s too late.

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