Years of Refusal

Studio Album by released in 2009
Years of Refusal's tracklist:
Something Is Squeezing My Skull
Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed
Black Cloud
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
All You Need Is Me
When Last I Spoke to Carol
That's How People Grow Up
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
It's Not Your Birthday Anymore
You Were Good in Your Time
Sorry Doesn't Help
I'm OK by Myself

Years of Refusal review

Charismatic Leader of alt-rock of 80s

More than thirty years ago, Steven Patrick Morrissey, more known as simply Morrissey, emerged on the British scene with the punk command The Nosebleeds. Although his leadership was in this band brief, the artist caught the attention of the public, while his role of the front man in the alternative rock band The Smiths propelled him to the international stardom. It often happens so that after the band split, the musician starts a solo career and gets lost from the big scene, chasing the phantom of his past fame – however, in this case Morrissey made everything vice versa. For several years of solo career, the performer became the icon of the British alt-rock, while his charismatic personality caused and still goes on to cause the raving interest among the paparazzi crowds. It seems that the personality of Morrissey has a unique nature. Being a bright individualist and multi-talented man, he is simply destined to catch and keep the interest of millions of people. Otherwise, how can one explain his phenomenal popularity? He is one of several musicians, who became the acknowledged idols of the contemporary pop culture not only during one’s life, but also in the blossom of his career. However, the artist does not like to tell about the motifs of his creativity and private life. The veil of secrecy and mystery only adds charm to the wonderful songs by Morrissey. Where some artists have all on the surface, Morrissey gives only delicate, like English humor, hints. So is his new album - Years Of Refusal.

The most frank and ironic album by Morrissey

The album opens with the outrageous, dark composition Something Is Squeezing My Skull, devoted to depressions. The track Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed, whimsically mixing the keyboards arrangement and garage rock, is followed by the spiced up with electronics melody Black Cloud. Having all the essentials of the mega-hit song I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris seems to be one of the most impressing moments on the disc. The composition has a magnificently hooky and romantic big chorus. The noticeable tracks All You Need Is Me and That’s How People Grow Up could be already appreciated by the listeners on Morrissey’s best songs collection Greatest Hits. In spite of their comparative oldness, the songs wonderfully fit the atmosphere of the long-play and do not seem to be torn out of the context. The guitar track One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell is also noteworthy for its unusual arrangement in the moods of mariachi orchestras. The gloomy composition It's Not Your Birthday Anymore starts with the moderate and thoughtful tune, by closer to the chorus it bursts into the violent rock. In the song You Were Good In Your Time, Morrissey describes the hero of the past times, forgotten by everyone, may be he means himself in some years, singing these sorrowful lines. The disc closes with the triumphant melody I'm OK By Myself, in which the artist tells about his passion to solitary life and lonely walks. Everyone knows that the singer has an inclination to isolation and this quality of him caused the huge involvement of the press in his life.

On the record Years Of Refusal the artist work on his full strength

The first thing that strikes when you listen to the album Years Of Refusal is the cheerful moods in which Morrissey sings all the songs. He has not sparkled with such enthusiasm in his voice for several years already. Besides, the disc Years Of Refusal is one of his most sincere work foe years. On the long-play, he performed the filled with irony songs about his former lovers, friends and enemies, and even joked several times about himself. Moreover, Years Of Refusal was recorded by Morrissey in the studio in real time, it was not later made by the engineer. It is the reason why the tracks sound so natural, while the stylish garage rock sound plays stands out in all its luxury. Well, the reason of the optimism and the second breath of Morrissey can be also cheated, if you look at the cover. On the picture, the proud artist keeps a pink-cheeked boy in his arms. On the presentation of Years Of Refusal, the performer said that the photo on the cover was a real one, it is the art work by Jack Walters. He also added that the child on the cover was “his own”. Knowing Morrissey’s love for secrets, one can not say for one hundred per cent if it is true or false. The only fact one can operate is that the mother of the boy is Charlie Brown, Morrissey’s assistant tour operator. Besides, in 2006, Morrissey said he was no more celibate and gave no more details. Whatever caused such a powerful splash of creativity, every fan of good music should enjoy Years Of Refusal, the latest release by the artist.

Ninelle Kazakoff (13.02.2009)
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