Last Night

Studio Album by released in 2008
Last Night's tracklist:
Ooh Yeah
I Love to Move in Here
Everyday It's 1989
Live for Tomorrow
I'm in Love
Disco Lies
The Stars
Sweet Apocalypse
Mothers of the Night
Last Night / Lucy Vida

Last Night review

A great collection of quality electronic dance music

The success of talented in many ways musician Moby's fifth album Play of 1999 has been largely defined by its generic peculiarity for it presented the electronic dance music refined with blues samples and a great beat that got immediately into the mainstream. Yet the following records like 2002's 18 and especially work Hotel released three years ago signed the changes in the direction of the millions' idol creative work surprising with the vocals performed by him and the minimum of computer processing of the compositions. Nevertheless lately Moby has remembered of his past and once again turned to dance music which is well reflected on his new album Last Night. The conceptual record is devoted to New-York club life and presents a music trip one night long compressed within the frames of a 65 minute album. Moby passes the microphone to other vocalists inviting MC Grandmaster Caz, singer Sylvia from band Kudu and British MC Aynzli among others for collaborating on what has resulted into a great collection of quality electronic dance music.

Perfectly radio friendly tracks on Last Night

Naturally most of the tracks on Last Night are perfectly radio friendly pleasing both with memorable tunes and light ethereal arrangements so these songs can be danced to by anyone who wants and anywhere you like. The album opens with a lively song Ooh Yeah simple enough for Moby with a funny sample singing the title of the track and a female vocal part. Composition with a piano-led beat I Love To Move In Here is sure to be to many a listener's liking as it is refined with rapping and the sounds of cheering crowd although it is much more complicated than the first one. A classic electronic 257. Zero is a creation long expected from Moby, and single Alice begins with rapping suddenly joined by a choir and then the action unfolds against the background of a tough and flexible electronic beat. A house track I'm In Love reminds of Moby's previous dance works although this time there is much more sensuality in the vocal part. One of the record's highlights is definitely song Disco Lies telling a breakup story filled with despair and hurt with an accompaniment of a great dance arrangement. On another house song The Stars the sample of a shouting crowd is repeated the initial tempo being once again given by piano but here is more of a contrast between hard electronic sounds and an inspiring principal tune. The album closes with the longest title track Last Night, over nine minutes long on which the unearthly noises are interlaced with a gentle singing – this slow and tranquil composition embodies the end of the night and the beginning of the morning and there are only echoes of yesterday's fun on it.

An album in the best traditions of Moby

Little are familiar with the fact that Moby whose real name is Richard Melville Hall is a descendant of writer Herman Melville, the author of the world famous philosophic novel Moby-Dick and his pseudonym is directly connected with that for his parents called little Richard that way. Today Moby is known as a person of remarkable views concerning music, religion, life style and even medicine – he is, for instance, a member of a non-profit project studying the therapeutic effect of music. That is exactly why his creations are such a success, Moby creates music so that his listeners would feel at least a little better. Of course Last Night is not going to be an exception, although it is not devoid of rather tough moments. In this case, however, they are completely justified as the record has become a kind of reflection of reality, according to Moby himself, it is a love letter to dance music in New-York, which is rather eclectic. On the whole Last Night is recorded in the best traditions of Moby pleasing with beautiful combinations of most varied audio effects and will surely prove that what an artist is best at is always more successful and warmly welcomed.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (05.04.2008)
Rate review3.80
Total votes - 26

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