The Origin Of Love

Studio Album by released in 2012
The Origin Of Love's tracklist:
Origin Of Love
Make You Happy
Love You When I'm Drunk
Step With Me
Popular Song
Elle Me Dit
L'Amour Dans Le Mauvias Temps
Un Soleil Mal Lune
Make You Happy (Cherokee Remix)
Celebrate (Robbie Rivera Remix)
Elle Me Dit (BeatauCue Remix)
Make You Happy (LA Edit)
Tah Dah

The Origin Of Love review

Mika proves his class

Nobody ever doubted that Mika will eventually become a wonderful performer with a considerable collection of classy works, and not just a promising young talent who will fail to make most out of his potential. The British singer’s sophomore effort, The Boy Who Knew Too Much, simply lived up to the expectations of listeners and critics, bringing the audience several more hits and demonstrating signs of the beginning artist’s good and healthy professional growth. Challenging demands and high hopes shared by his fans have never scared or frustrated Mika, who keeps following the chosen pathway. Pop music made by this man is neither saccharine, nor shouting, and does not annoy with meaningless lyrics, which are well-known stigmas of this genre. Working in this domain, where there is no room (and no need) to develop, the British star remains capable of changing keeping public interested. The transition towards a more mature and moderate sounding, started on the second CD, is continued by Mika on his third long player called The Origin Of Love.

Pop music the way it should be

Mika, of course, stays clad in the image of a life-enjoying guy who lavishly shares his bright emotions, and this image is crated and translated via the same light pop dance music he started his journey to fame with. The singer’s album number three is not a single bit less melodious than his powerful predecessors and owes hits of the same big caliber as that of the songs that earned the British artist his popularity several years ago. Most of the new tracks follow this simple, but highly proficient formula of a good radio song; they are easily executed, effortlessly memorized and provided with pleasant voice and a very catchy tune that will be difficult to get out of your head. These tracks guarantee that The Origin Of Love attention and acceptance from those many listeners who will be fully content with the fact that Mika has just done what he is always good at. The highlights are true hits Lola, and Celebrate, and a very impressive addition to the ballad legacy of the singer, Step With Me. These are the songs that should have been expected on this album, that have been wanted on this album, and they will not disappoint those who waited to taste them.

Marching under the aegis of progress

We would have got just another high quality release from Mika, but the musicians spent almost two years working on The Origin Of Love, and not for the wrong reason. Among the light-minded and simple songs dominating this album, one can occasionally come across more profound pieces and interesting offers with experimental intentions. These include a great slow thing called Underwater, combination of powerful beats with elegant piano. The result is an atmospheric theme with touching lyrics about love as the only chance to survive. Popular Song is a surprise hiding a sample of a main motif from the Wicked musical and rap exercising from Mika himself. Heroes is his brave attempt to switch to a painful issues in texts. An unsophisticated melody and plain electronic music make listeners focus mainly on the words. So far it sounds quite unusual and, perhaps, even insincere, but the singer must be praised for his diligence. Finally, there is the remarkable French version of Emily, the one called Elle Me Dit. In France, this song even used to head the charts. Summarizing everything, the album is a success. This is another step forward for Mika, who has a very impressive start behind him and a lot triumphs and accomplishments ahead of him.

Alex Bartholomew (02.10.2012)
Rate review4.92
Total votes - 275

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