Life in Cartoon Motion

Studio Album by released in 2007
Life in Cartoon Motion's tracklist:
Grace Kelly
My Interpretation
Love Today
Relax (Take It Easy)
Any Other World
Billy Brown
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)
Stuck in the Middle
Happy Ending / Over My Shoulder

Life in Cartoon Motion review

Mika is a man of World

Mika is a rising star of pop music. But we have every reason to suppose, that this talented youth will go very far. He has everything for it: the appearance of super model, the voice of Freddie Mercury, and above all, he has an abundant life experience, which gives him an opportunity to write different and fascinating songs. Mika is a man of World. He was born in the middle of 80s in Beirut, to a Lebanese mother and an American father. Mika’s family soon found themselves having to move to Paris at the height of the war. When his father was subsequently taken hostage and held at the American embassy in Kuwait, the family eventually settled in London, where Mika entered Westminster School. The first years in England were remembered as the constantly moving from one place to another and a very bad school. As a result, the future star forgot how to read, to write and even stopped to speak. During this difficult period, music was a life-saving thing for Mika. Later, Mika was working in the Royal Opera House, writing in-flight music for British Airways and creating an Orbit Chewing Gum advertisement theme tune. His debut single Relax Take It Easy, which appeared on the BBC Radio1 in Great Britain, was voted as a hit of the week. At the beginning of 2007, Mika’s new song Grace Kelly entered the UK Official Download Chart at number one: for the first time, only because of the online sales. All these and many other hits the listeners can find on the debut album of the fantastically talented singer Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion.

Life in Cartoon Motion is a sunny, honest, romantic and as charismatic disc as can be

Mika is a songwriter, singer, producer and arranger. Both astonishingly musical and profoundly thoughtful, his tunes combine a heady euphoric rush with darker unexpected elements: daytime melodramas and nighttime tales of love, loss, abandonment, hope and happiness. The vocal qualities of Mika will be surprised for the listeners, during the listening to the whole album Life In Cartoon Motion. The range of his voice is the five-octave that he uses to full effect on his hits such as Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) and Love Today — thanks to a Russian singing teacher hired by his mother to break up the torpor of being at home all day. Life In Cartoon Motion is full of the joyful songs: Lollipop, Billy Brown, Stuck In The Middle. Everybody hardly believes that this chap releases only the first album. To such a result, many of the stars go through trials and errors. Here is gospel, romantic ballads, a bit of funk and the notes of glam-rock – all mixed very well and perfectly sang. The final song Happy Ending (Over My Shoulder) is a real brilliant, singing by Mika together with the guitarist Martin. About Relax Take It Easy we shouldn’t speak a lot, because this composition has already a hit, which can recognize every person, who switches on the radio even only one time a day. Life In Cartoon Motion is a sunny, honest, romantic and as charismatic disc as can be.

All for Mika is before him

A self-taught piano virtuoso, gymnastic vocalist and born entertainer, Mika has music in his bones. He grew up listening to every thing from Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, to Serge Gainsbourg and flamenco. His musical tastes have become more eclectic as he’s got older, but he's always going back to great artist songwriters, people who make great records to their own vision: Prince, Harry Nillson, Elton John, even Michael Jackson. These people make an amazing pop record that could not be performed by anybody else and that is what Mika always wanted to do. Mika had been given a chance to break the US market, where so many British colleagues have failed before him. Mika managed to overcome the difficulties of the destiny and became the famous person all over the world. May be these adversities had an influence upon the whole work of Mika. He writes a very joyful, fiery and free music. And if in the songs there is not a hint of the humour, this song is not a melancholy composition, but a very earnest ballad about love and relations between two people. After many years of the analysis of his inner world, Mika is ready to present his dynamic, idiosyncratic and unashamedly personal debut album Life In Cartoon Motion. Brimming with brightly hued melody, engaging hooks and a distinct lyrical style that speaks exactly and distinctly of its moment, he has finally been given an outlet for his unique vision. We can say only one that for this talented singer all is before him.

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