Hallo Welt!

Studio Album by released in 2012
Hallo Welt!'s tracklist:
Hallo Welt!
Aufruhr (Freedom Time) (Feat. Patrice & Fetsum)
Jeder Tag Zuviel (Feat. Antonino) (Mega!mega!)
Wolke 7 (Feat. Philipp Poisel)
SolangВ (feat. Tua)
Einstuerzen NeubauenВ (feat. Samy Deluxe)
Fuehlt Sich Wie Fliegen An (Feat. Cro & Clueso)
VidaВ (feat. Aloe Blacc)
KAHEDI DubВ (feat. Marteria)
Berlin - Tel AvivВ (feat. Sophie Hunger)
So WundervollВ (feat. Aloe Blacc)
Nicht Vorbei (Bis Es Vorbei Ist)
Rap Ist (Feat. Megaloh)
Hallo Welt! (Instrumental)
Aufruhr (Freedom Time) (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (Skit 1)
Dududu (Instrumental)
Dududu (Reprise)
KAHEDI (Roots)
Jeder Tag Zuviel (Instrumental)
Wolke 7 (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (Skit 2)
Solang (Instrumental)
Einstuerzen Neubauen (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (Electric Radio)
Fuehlt Sich Wie Fliegen An (Instrumental)
1992 (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (Skit 3)
Vida (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (Dub) (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (Dub 2)
Berlin - Tel Aviv (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (For Nina)
So Wundervoll (Instrumental)
Nicht Vorbei (Bis Es Vorbei Ist) (Instrumental)
Abserviert (Instrumental)
Rap Ist (Instrumental)
KAHEDI (Skit 4)
Yvonne (Instrumental)

Hallo Welt! review

Max Herre is again into rap

The German band Freundeskreis is already collapsed, but it has left two quality albums and a best-of collection. However, the name of the ensemble still gets to surface in press, particularly when it comes to its leading member Max Herre who successfully continues music activity. Now he is a solo artist. By this moment, Max has issued three albums, each interesting in its own way. Yet it is the latest of them, Hallo Welt, that will especially please those who are still not over the passing of Freundskreis. On many of the new album’s songs, Herre basically comes back to the style of his former band, real German rap, albeit the artist has not decided to break up with the use of clean singing voice and pop arrangements. The extended version of the album will be probably interesting only to Herre’s hardcore fans, but the basic variant of Hallo Welt is an excellent treat for all followers of the genre.

What does the German rapper sing about?

We will focus on the basic track list of Hallo Welt, since the bonus CD is just a collection of alternative versions of the same songs. We have an offer of fifteen solid themes from an experienced and skilled author and performer. Being also a producer, Max figured out precisely what tempo to choose for the new record, and what kind of lyrical topics should be on a new generation rap album. Never an inhabitant of a New York black ghetto, the German kept off problems of poverty, violence and drugs, but he eagerly touches upon social issues on such tracks as Aufruhr, Jeder Tag Zuviel, and Einsturzen Neubauen. 1992, and Rap Ist are Max’s feeling and impression about how and where rap music is evolving. There are also lyrical pieces with sweet melodies and light warm atmosphere. The one that is a highlight here is ballad Wolke 7. In the melancholy-driven DuDuDu Max takes up the duties of a singing vocalist and manages brilliantly.

Exactly what you need

The majority of Hallo Welt tracks are collaborations of Max Herre and other performers. The timely shift of tempo, variety of voices in choruses, and rich lyrical content make it the record the listener is doomed to listen to the end. Moreover, the artist did not hesitate to enlarge the list of pure rap songs with pop-framed offers. Effective Berlin – Tel Aviv, Vida, and Fuehlt Sich Wie Fliegen do contrast with the more serious and rougher material, which makes Hallo Welt only more interesting and unpredictable. Placing rap as number one priority in his style, Max, all the same, provides it with modern sounding, and the vocal parts borrowing a lot from soul create more elegance and emotions to his new songs. Finally, the musical support here is a well-arranged and impressive work of instruments, and that is why Herre feels confident offering us instrumental versions of the album’s set. All doubts aside, this record is the most mature and consistent work in the German artist’s solo discography, which shows that he knows best what the public really wants.

Alex Bartholomew (05.09.2012)
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