Gods of War

Studio Album by released in 2007
Gods of War's tracklist:
Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
The Ascension
King of Kings
Army of the Dead, Part I
Loki God of Fire
Blood Brothers
Overture to Odin
The Blood of Odin
Sons of Odin
Glory Majesty Unity
Gods of War
Army of the Dead, Part II
Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
Die for Metal

Gods of War review

Stability is Manowar's credo

When we say Heavy Metal we imply Manowar, when we say Manowar we mean Heavy Metal. This German quartet has established a reputation of uncompromising fighters for metal brotherhood long, long time ago and sealed the oath to stand to the victory with blood and beer as far as early 80's. So what do you expect to hear from this incredibly steadfast band? I think no one will be surprised to know that their brand new opus called Gods Of War is just the very purest Manowar-music. They are still all in leather, chains, muscles and hairs and call the brothers to stand high and keep on struggling. Well, probably they became less misogynistic but only because they started to love Odin more. In one word, following their old traditions Manowar issued another inspirationally lyric, masterpiecefully epic and heavy metallic album. And this is right thing they do. This is the way their simple and reliable ideas should be concreted into the minds of headbangers. Stability is a good thing, as you can always rely on it, you know.     

Gods Of War is dedicated to Scandinavian god Odin

Gods Of War became first Manowar's album from the series of conceptual albums dedicated to pagan gods. In this case the main hero is Scandinavian Odin, thus the entire album consists of a retelling of legends connected with him. The album turned out to be a pretty long one and honestly speaking not purely metal: during the 70 minutes of playtime a listener is constantly bumping into interludes of all possible kinds, chorals and hypnotic narrations against epic keyboards. But a conceptual motive justifies this, after all this is all about deeds of god. The album opens with a track called Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors, which perfectly corresponds its name – this is a real full symphony orchestra backed up with a giant choir. However when the following and identically keyboard-choral composition The Ascension starts playing, strange doubts begin creeping in your thoughts as you expected something more intensive. Actually the album starts with King Of Kings and after that band begins delivering Manowar bombs one after another, yet alternating them with aforementioned overtures. Such songs as Sleipnir, Loki God Of Fire or Sons Of Odin are Manowar classics, perfect mid tempo half-hymns. But there is one song that stands separately from the others; this is the very last track Die For Metal – a real hit and definitely the best song here, without which the album could sound leaner.     

Truest of the true

Manowar is that kind of a band you can never tell how serious its members are about their own ideology. Years pass, things change all around but they still keep drawing warlike, brawny guys with swords and axes on their album covers. In principle, Joey DeMayo and his team are liable to the influence of time like all the rest and this actually should be reflected in their music and lyrics. But the facts show that they neared immortality in the maximum extent, after all they wouldn't sing about it so often for no purpose. But the indisputable advantage of this band lies in their songs, which sometimes makes you feel creepy all over and turns a smile into grin. Loud, massive pieces of pure metal. And if you like the song than you take the pompous bombast that is inseparable from the inner structure of composition for granted. And this is where their strength is. It is difficult to say that Gods Of War is the best Manowar's album but on the other hand one can't call it bad - the album is stable, just like many other former releases. Each album they make has several first class songs in its stock that make the whole album worthy to listen. In a big scale all these words were said for casual listeners, but if you are a real die-hard Manowar fan you simply must have it, the album will never be a disappointment to you.     

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