The singer Lykke Li was born in a small Swedish town Ystad in 1986 and when Li was a little girl, she moved with her parents to Stockholm. The family (the artist’s father is a musician, her mother is a photographer) traveled around the world a lot, so Lykke visited numerous countries, including Nepal, India and Portugal. Travelling became a huge part of Li’s life, and when she was nineteen years old, she independently went to New York. Of course, bright impressions from new places and exotic countries were depictured in Lykke’s creativity, and listeners had a chance to get familiar with it in 2007.

Thus, the singer’s first singles titled I'm Good, I'm Gone and Little Bit saw the light in 2007. The famous musical magazine Rolling Stone immediately included the song I'm Good, I'm Gone to the list of hundred of the best singles of 2008, which perfectly proved the fact that one of Li’s first works hit the bull's-eye. The debut studio attempt titled Youth Novels was released in 2008 and made a confident way up to the third place of Swedish Albums Chart. Lykke’s long play got excellent reviews from critics, who noted the incredible performance skills and originality of compositions. Due to such strong songs as Dance, Dance, Dance, Melodies & Desires, Window Blues and others the artist got a great number of faithful fans.

Lykke was often invited to various events. Thus, she performed an amazing act at Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC in 2009. Moreover, she recorded several truly impressive cover-versions that brought her the well-deserved popularity and recognition of music lovers. The interpretation of legendary Kings Of Leon’s Knocked Up turned out to be extremely powerful. After the release of Youth Novels Lykke needed three years to prepare and record her second studio work. Therefore the long play Wounded Rhymes appeared in the shops in 2011 and the fans’ expectation were completely satisfied. The signature style, energy and sincerity again were enjoyed by millions of listeners all around the world: I Follow Rivers, Rich Kid Blues, Unrequited Love and other strong compositions became the proofs of Li’s artistic growing up. In spite of the fact that the singer’s first work sounded fresh and original, Lykke decided to keep on searching for the right mood, and Wounded Rhymes proved to be as bright and experimental, as its predecessor. If you are just going to get acquainted with Li and her creativity, you can simply choose any of her albums – the pleasure of listening is guaranteed.

Studio Albums

Lykke Li, So Sad So Sexy mp3So Sad So Sexy
  • Ambient Pop
  • Soul
  • Indie Pop
Lykke Li, I Never Learn mp3I Never Learn
  • Indie Pop
  • Chamber Pop
Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes mp3Wounded Rhymes
Lykke Li's sophomore effort Wounded Rhymes was born out of her searching and thinking to prove to be even more impressive, confident and original than the talented singer's debut
  • Indie Pop
Lykke Li, Youth Novels mp3Youth Novels
  • Indie Pop


Lykke Li, Gunshot (Remixes) mp3Gunshot (Remixes)
  • Indie Pop