Studio Album by released in 2013
Hummingbird's tracklist:
You & I
Heavy Feet
Black Spot
Three Months
Black Balloons
Wooly Mammoth
Mt. Washington

Hummingbird review

Local Natives are gaining strength

The guys from Local Natives began their ascent to the musical indie Olympus in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. And two years later, presented to the public their first record called Gorilla Manor. What was the surprise that musicians prepared for audience and critics at the time? First of all, it was the play and the material. The album was preceded by a hard and long job. Second, it was their benevolence to the curiosity of the public and the media. Quintet did not shut themselves in the shell from everyone and everything, and willingly went to a dialogue with journalists and fans appeared. On top of that, they put on the Internet their pilot projects that gave us an idea of the group style. Then Local Natives released their debut album Gorilla Manor on the eve of the spring. Now we have more information than we had, and we can formulate more precise definition of genre and orientation of the group. Here, there is no doubt, we can see that the group is one of the most prominent representatives of indie-rock - experiments with music, noise, percussion and vocals - denial and opposition to piped-in musical standards and performers. Moreover it should be said about the lyrics of the group. Despite the simplicity of images, Local Natives raise a heavy philosophical themes in their songs, for example, such as self searching, meaning of life, and of course, feelings and relationships between man and woman. The first impression of the group we already have. Now it would be nice to get a second one. Let's see what Local Natives have in store for us in 2013.

A lyrical journey through the waves of melancholy with Hummingbird

At the start, we meet You & I song. Quiet, melodic and rhythmic start, which fascinates and hypnotizes with its drum overfalls and guitar inclusions. The main topic here are the relations between the sexes, so the mood of the song is lyric with mild melancholic overtones. This mood continues in the next song called Heavy Feet. And on the second track in a row we meet this soulful, unobtrusive, romantic atmosphere. This is the song, listening to which one can feel sorrow, speculate, be jealous - just experience the whole rainbow of emotions that a man in love with a sublime idea of affection and respect can feel. By the third track called Ceilings rhythm and melody are gaining strength becoming more mobile and fun, but not enough to drive a deep lyrical mood away. On the fourth track Black Spot we fall down in the abyss. It should be noted that it is very unusual and very interesting composition of the album. One can spend a lot of time to search for such a disturbing and internally horrifying, stale soul piercing track, and there is absolutely no guarantee that you will find it. Light stabbing piano fingerpicking against the ever-increasing string tension and oh, no screams - this track resembles waking up after a nightmare or an attempt to cope with the tragedy in one’s life that has reached the unimaginable proportions. The turning point is waiting for us at the fifth track - Breakers and after the ice shower of the fourth track, it seems like a breath of fresh air after the stale suffocating embraces of Black Spot. And we should thank the guys for the rest of the album as it runs in the same mood, and concludes with soothing and inspiring song called Bowery.

A lifeline in the world of emotions

Hummingbird album fills you up with the brightest feelings, which only the melancholy mood is capable to give. And yes, it can be argued, but these feelings make us feel the life and its gifts sharper, more colorful and diversified. There is no permanent and continuous joy and fun without negative emotions, as well as the sadness cannot be only dark, oppressive and negative feeling. Boys from Local Natives show us that every sense has its own shades of gray. And that sadness can also be light and one should not exaggerate it. Such an approach to the description of experiences and feelings is not new, but on the Hummingbird album you really feel it and realize it. Naturally, it should be noted that the Hummingbird album is the album of specific mood and attitude. It is not worth listening to at the party, it is not worth listening to on the way to work or home. This is the kind of mood that no one should put on show, it is not public, but is personal and internal. The album will surely fit everybody who was offended, humiliated, insulted or doubtful in his or her feelings. It tunes us perfectly for a philosophic perception of the on-going life, distracts us from daily problems, comforts and gives us hope for a bright, sunny future. It is difficult to say how Local Natives group managed to squeeze in 43 minutes and 55 seconds, in these 11 tracks, these truly cosmic universe of feelings, rainbow of emotions and hurricane of trials, while not driving the listener into constant depression, and vice versa, saving him and not letting him to get stuck in it. So we should be thankful to them for that.

Artem Pronichev (08.02.2013)
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