Sorry For Party Rocking

Studio Album by released in 2011
Sorry For Party Rocking's tracklist:
Roch The Beat II
Sorry For Party Rocking
Party Rock Anthem (Feat. Lauren Bennett & Goonrock)
Sexy And You Know It
Champagne Showers (Feat. Natalia Kills)
One Day
Put The A$$ To Work
Take It To The Hole (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
We Came Here To Party (Feat. Goonrock)
Reminds Me Of You (With Calvin Harris)
Best Night (Feat. Will.I.Am, Goonrock & Eva Simons)
All Night Long (Feat. Lisa)
With You
Hot Dog
I'm In Miami Bitch
Shots Featuring Lil Jon

Sorry For Party Rocking review

LMFAO let the brain rest

Two years after the release of the debut I’m In Miami Bitch, LMFAO present their second studio long player, Sorry For Party Rocking. This time, uncle Stefan and nephew Gordy are determined to prove it in the most convincing way to those who have not got it yet that their duo is a new power in hip-hop for everyone to reckon with. Two years ago, more than enough music lovers and music criticizers did not spare acrid words towards the two rappers. This couple, it was mentioned, still dwelled in their careless childhood and kept playing pranks, but now adult pranks, big and bad. They, let it be known to you, do give a sign of making anything new in music, nor are they writing anything clever in lyrics. So, we were wisely advised to wait until they got mature and serious before listening to them. Well, there is some rational core in all of this. Motley, cartoon-like clumsy covers, explicit titles alongside the LMFAO image gave enough grounds for speculations like that. Yet again, we must admit that sometimes you want nothing but music of that sort. You just can’t spin Pink Floyd CDs all the time sinking deeper and deeper in the thick layers of psychedelic and philosophic soil.

Rocking, parting and fooling around

Electro-rap is not nothing, but a big deal when it is made by gurus of the genre, like LMFAO. After warming up on the debut record, the musicians delivered a wild effort called Sorry For Party Rocking, a genuine anthem to clubbing, partying and minor misdemeanors. After the obligatory invitation in the shape of two-minute Rock That Beat, these guys set the public on fire with two heavy sparks. The first one is Party Rock Anthem, the beginning of the said chaos. Sexy And You Know It, and Champagne Flowers are good at keeping up the setup tempo and put it clear that LMFAO are ready to have fun till the morning. When One Day gets under way, you even wonder why they would need a little pause and get slightly sentimental. These two could manage it all on their own, but to please the listeners, they invited well-known and much-loved guests. Performers like Will.I.Am., or Busta Rhyme bless Best Night, and Tale It To The Hole with their presence to make the tracks much anticipated.

What you sometimes need most of all

Sorry For Party Rocking is about an hour, but you can listen to it in many rounds in a row, just make sure your legs do not collapse while dancing. Hilarious bass and electric beats may drive you completely breathless, with cheerful rapping from Stefan and Gordy keeping you on fire all the time. Right, none of the songs is brilliant in its novice, nor do they strike you with top class execution. But what makes up for all of it is the atmosphere of the music and the mood of the musicians themselves, who are capable of igniting the huge crowd. After CD like this one, you have no doubt that people like those playing in LMFAO party seven nights a week. Whence there could have been some nervousness or shyness on their first album, all of this must have evaporated in the following two years. Sorry For Party Rocking arrived to the listener with hazardous and explosive material ready to blow up any minute, and this is exactly what you want. LA, the birthplace of the duo’s both participants, might be the place where they all live like that, but in the other parts of the world you sometimes want music of that kind to make your party a great holiday for heart and soul.

Alex Bartholomew (27.06.2011)
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