Alright, Still

Studio Album by released in 2006
Alright, Still's tracklist:
Knock 'em Out
Everything's Just Wonderful
Not Big
Friday Night
Shame for You
Littlest Things
Take What You Take
Friend of Mine

Alright, Still review

Lily Allen – a talented lyricist with a good sense of melody and powerful vocals

Before the twenty-one year old British pop singer Lily Allen recorded and released her brilliant debut album Alright, Still, she became popular on the Internet by creating a page with funny stories about herself and placing her first demos there. The daughter of a famous comedian actor Keith Allen, she has had an eventful life, between the ages of 5 to 14 the girl has changed 12 schools, then lived in Ibiza and clubbed until introduced to music producers Future Cut who liked her lyrics and started working with her. In 2005 Allen signed to Regal Records and started recording songs and those who heard them on her page sent them to friends to listen. More and more people gave positive reviews to her work and in July 2006 her debut album Alright, Still has been released. Her musical tastes are quite varied and even adhering to pop Lily Allen manages to combine several styles – ska, reggae, calypso and even some rock elements. This adds to the record’s uniqueness and explains the reason why most of the tracks have a chance to become new hits. The debut album has recommended its creator as a talented lyricist with a good sense of melody and powerful vocals.

Every track on Alright, Still can be a huge hit

Every single track on Alright, Still can be a huge hit and it is clear that Lily Allen and her co-writers have done a great job. The first single LDN is a fresh melody with a catchy and joyful chorus, a new everybody’s favorite love song. Smile with its gorgeous reggae sound and bittersweet lyrics sung in Lily’s soft voice is able to touch the most cynical and heartless people while Knock ‘Em Out is joking song about flirting in a bar. A little change of the sounding on Friday Night is a strong point on Alright, Still, and it is followed by a beautiful though not innocent track Littlest Things, and Everything's Just Wonderful, an excellent example of what a woman can do with her vocals. Take What You Take with a couple of rock stringing adds charm to Alright, Still and is quite different from the other tracks. On the whole the lyrics on the album is very true to life, sometimes cynical and sometimes, on the contrary, full of heart and revealing Lily Allen as a girl who has the same problems as many girls of 21 – ex-boyfriends bothering with their phone calls, current relations and simple having fun. Though all these topics are rather banal, Allen’s rhymes make them sound witty and often funny.

Alright, Still is an optimistic record

Her using Internet can easily explain the fact that Lily Allen has been a success so quickly though the real reason for sure is her irrefutable talent. She understood that music is in her line at the age of 15, tried herself in hip-hop and some other genres until finally found her lucky one. Her capability of composing music and a deep look into transcription is just amazing for she is comparatively young and the only source of her talent can be referred to her parents who deal with film industry. Besides Allen possesses a remarkable wit permitting her to create most unusual lyrics full of unexpected rhymes and vivid imagery. The main characteristics of most her songs is the description of day-to-day life and regular people in a humorous way. Lily is able to depict a situation with only a few details mentioned and as a result the listener imagines a whole scene from the young woman’s life or perhaps from one’s own. Lily’s ability to laugh at herself can help many to see their problems they think tragically unsolved at a different angle and realize that life goes on no matter what happens in it. Alright, Still is an optimistic record just right to cheer you up when you are upset or simply to enjoy when everything’s fine.

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