It Is Time for a Love Revolution

Studio Album by released in 2008
It Is Time for a Love Revolution's tracklist:
Love Revolution
Bring It On
Good Morning
Love Love Love
If You Want It
I'll Be Waiting
Will You Marry Me
I Love the Rain
A Long and Sad Goodbye
Dancin' Til Dawn
This Moment Is All There Is
A New Door
Back in Vietnam
I Want to Go Home
Uncharted Terrain

It Is Time for a Love Revolution review

Lenny Kravitz on the peak of his career

New York born, Lenny Kravitz played his first music creation at the age of three using pots and pans, and today has become one of the most successful singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists of the world. His unique brand style has been only improving with the years, and the hits like Fly Away or the cover of American Woman have become immortal. The son of an actress and a television producer Kravitz has learnt the strict rules of show business yet in his childhood and grew up listening to the music of Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and also James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and many other stars of jazz, soul and classical music. The singer's eighth studio album called It Is Time For A Love Revolution has become his first work in five years since the release of his 2004's record Baptism and really one of his best creations so far. Faithful to his principles Lenny Kravitz has performed all the instrumental parties on the album and made all the arrangements himself. Singing once again of love the artist has outdone himself creating an emotionally powerful and wonderfully harmonious album speaking better than words that the artist is on the peak of his career.

It Is Time For A Love Revolution is faultless in any way

The album opens with an incredible partially title track Love Revolution, a powerful rock number with amazing drums, guitars and Lenny's insane vocals, and the single Bring It On is another smashing composition with a masterpiece of a guitar solo and contagious chorus. One of the best track on the album is certainly Good Morning, a slower and more melodious song with a breathtaking orchestra instrumental background, whereas Love Love Love is almost a danceable tracks on which Lenny tells of the only thing that is really important in life that is trice repeated in the title of the song. The brilliant complicated tune of If You Want It is refined with incomparable guitar solos, and another single I'll Be Waiting, a wonderful ballad filled with strong emotions, has already become one of many's favorite songs this winter. Drums have never sounded that crazy and contagiously as on Tom Johns like song Will You Marry Me, and nostalgic ballad I Love The Rain with a surprising tune reminds of Kravitz's capacity to sound very sentimental. One of the saddest and most beautiful songs on the record is A Long And Sad Goodbye devoted to the singer's father who passed away in 2005. Ballad A New Door breathes with hope and optimism, and on Back In Vietnam Lenny sings of the war in Iraq against which he has expressed his protest more than once. Bonus tracks Uncharted Terrain, a reggae number, and Confused, a classical blues composition, are great surprises for all who are fond of the singer’s music and a brilliant conclusion of this creation faultless in any way.

Thoughts old as the world are perceived as a sensation

As the title of the album suggests the greatest part of the tracks on It Is Time For A Love Revolution are characterized with a rebellious sounding that we have not yet heard from Lenny. Obviously he has put all the strength of his energy into these compositions pursuing one goal to move the hearts of those who is to hear his calling. He expresses his concern with the political situation in the song Back In Vietnam, and the rest of the record is meant to say what is the way to avoid bloodshed and live in peace. And although these thoughts are old as the world Kravitz manages to empower them so that they are perceived as a sensation. If it were not for the gentle lyrical ballads It Is Time For A Love Revolution could be easily called Lenny's hardest and most desperate album, but the work would not be complete without them. Yet on the whole they never prevail over the outrageous rock numbers and it is due to the latter that the general impression of the album is still very strong. The artist has definitely met the hopes of his fans two hundred percent and the five years of expectation have been worth it. The main thing is that this huge energy charge does not fade in the nearest future; then again, It Is Time For A Love Revolution leaves no doubt about that so far.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (08.02.2008)
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