Sound of Silver

Studio Album by released in 2007
Sound of Silver's tracklist:
Get Innocuous!
Time to Get Away
North American Scum
Someone Great
All My Friends
Us v Them
Watch the Tapes
Sound of Silver
New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down

Sound of Silver review

Noble producer and talented singer James Murphy

The producer duet DFA, which consists of James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy as the members, is famous for many businesses, be it their own label with an extremely not banal repertoire or different remixes for the most multifarious artists – from Goldfrapp to Nine Inch Nails. In 2006, Murphy started to feel narrowness in the producer limits and decided to release some singles under the name LCD Soundsystem: Losing My Edge, Give It Up, Beat Connection and Yeah. In January of the 2005, it was time to the full-length formatted debut album, which was simply named LCD Soundsystem. This work, saturated with the muddy sounds and capricious, sometimes even grating harmonies, reviewers nicknamed as “the music for the party in dance-rock style”. Murphy accomplished one of the most impressive breaks in the dance music for the last years. It is an uncommon example, when the artist gains the serious commercial results and, at the same time, finds himself as the star of such noble British edition as The Wire. The second Murphy’s record Sound Of Silver continues his previous diligences: laconic disco-beat, on top of which manifests itself motley samples, shaggy guitar riffs, hypnotic passage of piano, percussion and James’ talent as a vocalist.

Sound Of Silver is a world tour in the style of LCD Soundsystem

Sound Of Silver is a world tour, a voyage that's both beautiful and strange; warmly nostalgic and bracingly unfamiliar. One evident aspect of the album is that Murphy has streamlined his sound. The first track on the record Get Innocuous gets the blood pumping and sets the stage for the rest of the album. Sound Of Silver's first single, North American Scum, presents Murphy's clever and seemingly carefree singing style. Here, letting his domestic audience in on a measured big city’s life, he relays how he feels while touring around the world. The most dancing composition here is Someone Great, a sweetly compelling vocal track, a gorgeous segment of music lifted from the composition 45:33: Nike Original Run, successful soundtrack that LCD Soundsystem recorded for sports label Nike last year. Murphy closes out the album on a lyrical note, paying homage to the city that birthed the dance-punky LCD Soundsystem sounds. New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down lets Murphy's emotions about the big city life off, where the danger lurks around the every next corner. Cleaned up, updated and international dance music seamlessly with post-punk, Sound Of Silver is as solid as a dance album can get. It has a solid foundation, a bit of humor, and more style than necessary.

In any type of work, James arouses the devout astonishment

The journalists hold the opinion that James Murphy is a perfectly embodiment of the quality, which in English language has an equivalent “cool” – the mixture of style, snobbery and unique individuality. In different situations, LCD Soundsystem appears before the audience in various qualitative-and-quantitative staff. In the studio, Murphy copes with business by himself, managing duties and work of his own record label accomplishes together with the like-minded person and his colleague Tim Goldsworthy, and on the stage, he rises accompanied by the disciplined company. In any type of work, James arouses the devout astonishment, gives rise to the gossips and raises the wave of the interested responses in the press. New album Sound Of Silver is no exception. Some of released tracks can be characterized as the “psychological disco”, others – as the dance rock or disco-pank, but, however that may be, Murphy’s songs are listened with the interest. He succeeded in making music like a club-functional one, but, at the same time, like an originally produced sounds. He is making tracks, which can compel not only to move, but to listen to them carefully, so as to understand and put together lacking elements of this striking and unordinary music.

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