Born This Way (Special Edition)

Studio Album by released in 2011
Born This Way (Special Edition)'s tracklist:
Marry The Night
Born This Way
Government Hooker
Bloody Mary
Black Jesus - Amen Fashion
Bad Kids
Fashion Of His Love
Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
Heavy Metal Lover
Electric Chapel
The Queen
You And I
The Edge Of Glory
Born This Way (Country Road Version)
Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix)
Marry The Night (Zedd Remix)
Scheibe (DJ White Shadow Mugler)
Fashion Of His Love (Fernando Garibay Remix)
Born This Way (Jost & Naaf Remix)

Born This Way (Special Edition) review

Born This Way continues Lady GaGa’s pop-revolution

Her fans call themselves little monsters, sexual minorities have made her their icon, her style and image is copied by millions of girls all over the world. Lady GaGa has once formulated her goal as making a revolution in pop music, and we have the honor of witnessing it in progress. Her 2008’s debut album The Fame was a real explosion but its follow-up, the EP The Fame Monster, exceeded its power which is quite a rare case in the music world. The number of awards and nominations including two consecutive Best Album Of The Year Grammies serve the best prove of her talent and ambition. About half a year ago the singer started to add new songs to her usual concert program, and the fans got really excited about them. Memorably tunes and lyrics of danceable compositions with rare exceptions of no less effective ballads have become the inseparable part of Lady GaGa’s creative work from her very first singles. The year and a half long The Monster Ball Tour has just ended, and the artist is already here ready to present the world with her brand new creation Born This Way, which is surely going to set some new records in the history of downloading and online watching not to mention the normal selling.

Lady GaGa expands her horizons

Lady GaGa started to prepare the audience for her second full-length studio album Born This Way last year when she promised herself to announce her second album’s title if she won the MTV’s Video Of The Year award which she eventually received for Bad Romance. In February she performed the first single and the album title track on The 53d Grammy Awards, appearing on the stage from an embryo-shaped ‘vessel’. The song has become Lady Gaga’s another number one hit, it features a really catchy chorus and a life-affirming overall message, especially with the lines like ‘I’m beautiful in my way, cause God makes no mistakes’. The second single is Judas, a completely different mixture of electronic, rock and dance pop elements with GaGa’s artful control of the song’s vocals and another unforgettable though a tougher melody. The video for this song is really colorful, spectacular and stylish and can be compared to the film “Moulin Rouge’ if it was staged by gypsies. The singer expands her horizons on the sultry melodious composition Americano which is bilingual, performed in English and Spanish and features a marvelous Mexican tube (the singer wrote this piece as a response to the new Arizona immigration law). On rave killer Scheiße that finds Lady GaGa rapping phrases in German. She demonstrates her vulnerable side on the beautiful ballad Yoü and I contrasting with most songs on the album including Government Hooker with some frank sensual lyrics as well as the closer The Edge of Glory celebrating the night life’s romance.

The freedom of self-expression manifesto

What does it take to make a revolution in pop music? The young but well aware of what she wants, Lady GaGa takes in Madonna’s Italian roots, her boldness and courage both on stage and in videos; Michael Jackson’s monumental performances, impressive sexy dance moves and energy; Freddy Mercury’s openness and honesty in everything she does. All of those qualities have brought her to international stardom practically in no time, touching not only young followers’ hearts but also those of the old generation, leaving some people shocked, others gone crazy and the third simply irritated. Most songs from her albums become hits, and Born This Way is not an exception in this respect. It is a really diverse album in which different genres are mixed together but are all served under a well-done dance beats’ dressing. The new videos are more spectacular than ever depicting Mother Monster from all possible perspectives, wearing costumes that stir imagination and adding expensive special effects to faultless dancing. The album Born This Way finds Lady GaGa manifesting freedom of self-expression and serving the live prove of her open-mindedness multiplied by really hard work and unarguable uniqueness.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (23.05.2011)
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