Sonic Boom (Deluxe Edition)

Studio Album by released in 2009
Sonic Boom (Deluxe Edition)'s tracklist:
Modern Day Delilah
Russian Roulette
Never Enough
Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)
Hot And Cold
All For The Glory
Danger US
I'm An Animal
When Lightning Strikes
Say Yeah
Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
Hotter Than Hell
Calling Dr Love
Love Gun
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Heaven's On Fire
Lick It Up
I Love It Loud
Christine Sixteen
Do You Love Me?
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Nite

Sonic Boom (Deluxe Edition) review

Kiss Perpetuum

The arrival of the new millennium was not a big holiday for many veterans of hard rock stage. The music tendencies have changed too much and what seemed to be forever in your recorder in the seventies is just a beautiful moment in the far gone history. Survival is not that easy in such circumstances. Aging, bad habits, inner feuds and writer’s block: all of it or almost all of it at least once struck every big rock band. The legendary hell-raisers from Kiss, once kings of the stardom, now look only capable of giving rare concert tours, their last releases being all kinds of records of these very gigs. It took these forever young and high guys more than ten years – no misprint, TEN years – to manufacture eleven new songs. So, it turns out to be a year per song… And what do we have in the end? In fact, we have a fresh effort called Sonic Boom arriving to the stores I October 2009. Looks almost impossible. Can they really still pen songs about chicks and hot nights? You bet, they can!

Play rock, the whole rock and nothing but rock

Could be that music god was reached by the guy who was the first one to carelessly utter Rock’n’Roll Forever! OK, the god thought to himself, forever it will be, and endowed this music with life eternal. American presidents have changed the skin color, Europe seems to soon become a new big country on the globe, while we still enjoy the classic rock’n’roll in its awesome furious shape. Kiss knew it perfectly what we expected from them. All old and best under a new cover! Truth is, even the artwork of this album is executed in the vein of the older ones. You can guess the same about the music. A classy rock album should start with a classy bomb-like track, which is exactly the case with Sonic Boom opened by Modern Day Delilah. You will feel the same vibe listening to number three called Never Enough, yet penned under the memories of the early nineties. That IS some start, but what about the rest of the record? Well, track number six, Hot and Cold, is playing and you have got a second yet to catch your breath. It is a striking rock anthem with characteristic challenging statements. Is it possible that Kiss traded their souls for the elixir of life? You will start to admit it when you fall under the thunderous line of bass and drums in I’m an Animal. Sonic Boom, an explosion of sound, is exactly what the never old rockers from the States offer to their loyal fans. Quite expectedly, you’ll reach the end of the album sooner that you have thought, but the beauty of the CD is that you can listen to it over and over again.

Kiss: Proud Guardians of Rock

Respected citizens of the rock’n’roll universe, Kiss, crushed with one heavy strike all the rumors about their languor, senility and weakness. Sonic Boom collects all we like about the art of these musicians: vivacity, ardor, rock’n’roll aggressiveness and restlessness. Eleven songs are just like eleven stays in the cities of the Kiss land with a countless number of wonders. Critics may bust their guts as long as they please saying that we have already heard this, that these musicians simply decided to once again rip their naive fans off, but this will be the opinion of those who dislike the music of Kiss. They can not get that armies of Kiss supporters miss these very Kiss. They did not look for surprises, nor did they wait for revelations. What they longed for was simply another album from the darling band. Now that they have it, they can be sure their favorites are all right. These rockers will many more times shake the stages of the stadiums, halls and venues. And you may be sure your neighbors will many more times believe that rock’n’roll never dies!

Alex Bartholomew (13.10.2009)
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