Flick the Vs

Studio Album by released in 2009
Flick the Vs's tracklist:
No One Had It Better
Two Frocks at a Wedding
Camels Swapped for Wives
No Way She Exists
Fell an Ox
Coast On By
Nothing Rings True
Curtain Craft
Saw Circular Prowess

Flick the Vs review

King Creosote makes Scottish music global

The citizen of the United Kingdom, of Scottish descent to be precise, Kenny Anderson has been famous with his works for a long time. Earlier, he was the soloist in such bands as Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra and Khartoum Heroes, but launched his own career under the stage name of King Creosote. He also works as a producer – for example, it was King Creosote, who discovered the Scottish rock star KT Tunstall. Taking in consideration all this, we should add that the native Scottish music has always been the main inspiration for the artist. His songs feature the influence of his folk roots, while the lyrics of King Creosote regularly have the historical tint and sometimes remind us of Scottish native songs. Firstly, they acquire this flavor due to the national Scottish humor, which is obligatory in this or that respect on each disc by King Creosote. Even according to the humblest data, the artist recorded about forty discs. Although the fame of this talented musician has left the boundaries of his native Albion a long time ago, he stays faithful to his beloved genre of indie folk rock. This year, King Creosote recorded a new wonderful long-play titled Flick The Vs.

A rare luck for the public

In spite of the fact that the discography of this gifted and fruitful singer-songwriter has so many albums, the majority of them are not available for the greater part of the public. These are private discs, recorded by minor labels. Well, you should feel yourself a lucky man, if you can enjoy on the full the edition Flick The Vs, as it is the first big release by the artist after the Bombshell disc, issued in 2007. The first single from the full-length is amazing retro-pop composition Coast On By with the jolly basses and a bouncy tune in the spirits of 70s. The experimental lullaby No One Had It Better lasts for more than seven minutes and narrates us of an end to relationship. The melodramatic track Two Frocks At А Wedding is filled with hesitation, while the plaintiff voice of King Creosote is perfectly matched by the accordion play. The minimalistic motif Camels Swapped For Wives catches your attention entirely due to the expressive, high-pitched vocals by the artist, who is unbelievably real, playing the madness. The verses of Rims, noticeable for the accordion play, are filled with self-humiliation with the everyday life clichés. This astonishing, packed with happy and tragic songs disc, is closed by the philosophic track Saw Circular Prowess.

Flick The Vs: the artist gets back home

The album Bombshell was recorded at the department of a major label Warner, and this fact differs it greatly from Flick The Vs, which is the genuine indie release. That is why Flick The Vs is a more experimental and daring full-length by King Creosote. The raw sound, reminding us of the Motown days, a seven-minute disc opener and unusual song topics along with the curse words let us know that the artist not simply went to the other label – he got back home, to his comfort zone. King Creosote has always been an interesting singer-songwriter, who touched upon such themes that were deliberately avoided by other singers due to their uneasy nature, like homophobia and madness. In this respect, the disc Flick The Vs is sure not to disappoint the listeners. As for the music, we can say that King Creosote was not controlled by any label management, so you can here the beloved by the singer accordion, piano, strings and electronica touches on the disc Flick The Vs. All these instruments form a harmonic union on the album, causing only positive emotions of the listener. We know very little of King Creosote himself, expect for the facts that he is a master of life gigs and still resides in his native town of Fife, Scotland, but as a singer-songwriter he can tell and show us many things on his wonderful release Flick The Vs.

Ninelle Kazakoff (27.04.2009)
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