A Different Me

Studio Album by released in 2008
A Different Me's tracklist:
A Different Me (intro)
Make Me Over
Please Don't Stop
You Complete Me
No Other (feat. Amina Harris)
Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea (feat. Nas)
Playa Cardz Right (feat. 2Pac)
Brand New
Trust (feat. Monica)
Thought You Should Know
This Is Us
Where This Love Could End Up
Beautiful Music
A Different Me (outro)

A Different Me review

Keyshia Cole became more mature and feminine

It seems to be a fairy tale, but a girl, who grew up in a poor district, managed to find her place in the world of show business. However, it is hard to get there and stay - even for those, who strive for musical fame since their childhood and with the support of parents. Nevertheless, a real talent knows no boundaries, as we know. Keyshia Cole is just this type of talent, which became obvious after her platinum debut The Way It Is. After the disc caught the attention of the public, the singer’s career started to grow. For the current moment, the artist is a successful R&B performer, who is a guest star on the albums of her colleagues, a crucial person in a popular reality show Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is and a part-taker in different charity actions. Not only the social status of Keyshia changed - the singer became older and wiser. From a thug-girl Keyshia Cole transformed into a more feminine and sure of her charm pop diva. Her hew disc A Different Me is purposed to capture this miraculous metamorphosis. On this disc, Keyshia demonstrated a new image not only on the cover, but also in the material. Earlier, she based on her personal experiences. Now, the artist shares with the listeners her observations over the people around her and their relations. Moreover, the performer wrote or at least co-wrote all the tracks on A Different Me. One can make a conclusion of all this that Keyshia is not only a bright and amusing talent, but she is also a developing person.

On A Different Me, pain gave way to love and cheer

Earlier Keyshia mainly sang about relations that are on the brink of break or destined to crash. On the disc A Different Me, she sincerely feels the joy of life. The album opens with the interlude A Different Me (Intro), on which Keyshia promises to the listeners to open them another, “a sexier side of me”. The next track Make Me Over, possessing a winding tune and jazzy hooks, proves that the artist is not going to disappoint her public. The vulnerable track Erotic, inspired by the electro-soul of 80s, became a wonderful middle tempo decoration of the long-play. The romantic and open composition You Complete Me tells us that the real love exists in spite of all troubles - love, which has no place for lies and insecurity. The rich soulful vocals by Keyshia is especially penetrating on this track. The song No Other (Feat. Amina Harris) reminds the melodies from the previous work by the singer, Just Like You, with its fire and energy. However, it is devoted not to the painful parting from a boyfriend, but to the huge and breath-taking passion. The follow-up Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea (Feat. Nas), which features stylish raps by Nas, is going to hit the listeners with the uncovered sexuality and luring, seductive voice of Keyshia. Further, we can find more amusing material - the first single from the disc, Playa Cardz Right (Feat. 2Pac), which has the voice of the deceased rapper and actor Tupac Shakur. This song was earlier featured in the post-mortem album by Tupac titled Pac’s Life, which saw light in 2006. The winding disco tune Beautiful Music finishes the disc.

The firmly rising star of R&B-soul

No doubt, Keyshia made a great change on her new album A Different Me from a girl, who grew up in a dangerous district and knows how to protect herself, into a “femme fatale”. While Beyonce’s scenic personage Sasha Fierce is an imaginary part of her, which helps the singer to cope with her fear of life performances and feel easy, the new image of Keyshia seems to be one of the real parts of her reach personality. It is no secret that the artist develops with age. The mature vocals and more serious lyrics are the sings of Keyshia’s personal growth. The palette of emotions, depicted in her songs, also survived a drastic change. The broken heart and a vibe in her voice gave way to cheer, playfulness and lure, and sometimes - to bare passion. Well, seeing and listening to Keyshia in her new image is an extreme surprise, but it is also a pleasant and breath-keeping experience. The disc A Different Me has no hints for tension or hypocrisy. Judging objectively, it has some filling tracks, which do not spoil the disc as all the songs are dragged out by the colorful Keyshia’s vocalization. The third full-length A Different Me became a big step forward for the artist. No wonder, it is often compared to the break-through work Mary by Mary J. Blige - especially due to the soulful nature of both editions. Thanks to this album, the star of Keyshia Cole is sure to shine brighter and higher in the skies of R&B.

Ninelle Kazakoff (22.12.2008)
Rate review4.95
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