Studio Album by released in 2010
Animal's tracklist:
Your Love Is My Drug
Tik Tok
Take It Off
Kiss n Tell
Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3)
Party at a Rich Dude's House
Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
Boots & Boys

Animal review

Ke$ha’s long-awaited debut

Ke$ha is a new name for the audience to get familiar with. The American singer who took up this stage pseudonym soared to fame after her first single, Tik Tok, topped the chart. Moreover, it was the Billboard rating! The song’s copy was later downloaded via Internet in countless numbers while the public urged the beginning artist to deliver her first album as soon as possible. Long before it was released, many would dare to pretend to know what would be on the upcoming CD. Well, something was quite easy to predict since the image the singer followed could tell the whole story. The fresh studio work, named Animal, should feature the so called dirty-pop material with the spirit of rock-n-roll partying with everything available and nothing forbidden. The prophecy proved in many parts correct. Nonetheless, when it comes to pop-music, it is not the content that matters, but its form, presentation, expression and, sure, quality. Apparently, this was entrusted to producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin who are great masters of this craft, which is best proved by the list of their partners, including Britney Spears, Pink and Kelly Clarkson. Ke$ha is about to become their new pride.

All-night party!

Now, we have 14 tracks lasting a bit more than 45 minutes and including, as usual, those seeming better and those seeming worse. The start may serve an example to other openers. We here speak about the vibrant synth-pop track Your Love Is My Drug, a roaring signal to star a private party we are lucky to be guests to. It is followed by that seems a reason many would decide to listen to the while record, the lead-single Tik Tok. An amazing piece for dance-floors, revealing the artistic essence of Ke$ha. This singer is just born to call out for everybody to party all night long. The idea of eliminating all bans, limitations and rules is developed by the powerful Take It Off co-penned by the performer herself. Kiss N Tell is another stunning sample of pop-music having nice chances to become a smashing radio-hit thank to the impressive chorus. After these three, dynamic, dance tracks alternate with mid-tempo numbers among which you can discover more serious and personal stuff topped by the striking Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. This song, unexpectedly for this album, involves distinct guitar passages. The album is closed with a very strong song, Animal, whose slow start turns into an explosive main part. A fine ending of the while work.

A glorious beginning

Even if you apply all the strictness evaluating this record (and you have got to admit that many things in debut works are overlooked), Animal is about to score a very high point. The producers were good finding the optimum carnation for the rebellious Ke$ha and choosing the right music for the image she has got. As a result, the overwhelming portion of the album’s tracks are anthems of partying, almost dissipated, way of life proving that youth is not an age, but a state of soul. Yes, there are songs of other types here as the singer wants to try on another role, but this done in the frames of an experiment. We are granted an awesome work, a perfect soundtrack to a holiday, fest or party whether it is held at your friend’s place or in a huge club with an immense number of visitors. The people will surely like not only the bombastic sound, but the audacious lyrics where everything is said straight to your face, without euphonizing or polite hinting. In a word, the debut is but a success, and now the main thing is that this should not disillusion the young artist, who, with the right attitude to her profession, is able to become another mega-star.

Alex Bartholomew (18.01.2010)
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