One of the Boys

Studio Album by released in 2008
One of the Boys's tracklist:
One of the Boys
I Kissed a Girl
Waking Up in Vegas
Thinking of You
Ur So Gay
Hot N Cold
If You Can Afford Me
Self Inflicted
I'm Still Breathing

One of the Boys review

The sensational release of One Of The Boys

A young gifted singer from Santa Barbara, California, Katheryn Hudson professionally known as Katy Perry will make competition to many a talented female performer. Born to a family of two pastors she would sing gospel since her childhood and in 2001 released a whole collection of them called Katy Hudson. Yet the further creative search took her in a cardinally opposite direction: an image of a scandalous girl who sings of everything that worries young excited minds these days. Her single Ur So Gay and I Kissed a Girl have already made a lot of hype and attracted the attention of sexual minority and parents worried of their children listening to the songs that are to their minds obscene. All this made the release of Katy Perry’s mainstream debut album One Of The Boys a sensation and today everyone is eager to hear all the material. The singer’s manner of performance reminds of that of Alanis Morissette and Gwen Stefani at the same time and this is far from all the interesting moments so there surely will be nobody disappointed with the beginning star’s work.

Katy Perry prefers sharp expressions to all kinds of sentiments

Twelve great compositions each pretending to become a hit comprise One Of The Boys. The album opens with title track, a contagious composition with rock elements as well as is single I Kissed a Girl telling of the protagonist’s rather unusual experience with which she has remained quite satisfied. A song about a successful party Waking Up in Vegas pleases with a memorable tune while ballad Thinking of You is full of emotions that sound both in Katy’s vocals and powerful drums and guitars. Song Mannequin seems vulnerable and soulful at the beginning but gradually turns into a desperate rebuff to a guy who has not equaled the performer’s hopes. Hit Ur So Gay today is one of the most popular songs in the USA appreciated even by Madonna and an example of how successfully guitars, piano, whistling and great vocals can sound together. The song is addressed to an ex meterosexual boyfriend and filled with such a deep disappointment that one sympathizes with the singer. A danceable track Hot n Cold pleases with Katy’s powerful vocals while If You Can Afford Me with its contagious rhythm and a catchy chorus proves to be the most boastful. Apart from the rest of the material are slow and soulful ballads Lost that seems to be performed by somebody else for Perry is too soft and innocent here and light I'm Still Breathing devoted to the classy topic of a breakup that she has hardly survived. Yet the album’s finale Fingerprints eloquently tells us that Katy prefers sharp expressions and frankly bold confessions to all kinds of sentiments.

The problem character and originality have made their contribution

The protagonist of most of her lyrics is herself and her statements are not devoid of boasting and complacence although as a matter of fact she just tells about different things that happened in her life. Yet Kate does everything not like the others, she has a certain opinion on every matter, often contradicts herself although she will never admit that. Besides the young artist easily uses uncontrolled vocabulary almost in every other song and still thinks to be a weak and vulnerable woman. Naturally her problem character and originality have made their contribution but many will agree that the success of One Of The Boys is due to a whole constellation of big name producers: Greg Wells who worked with OneRepublic and Mika, Dr. Luke who collaborated with Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne and also Max Martin famous for his works with Britney Spears, Pink and The Veronicas. Actually it has been over five years since they started working on the album and finally today we have a wonderful opportunity to hear these songs. Bold, simplistic and often too direct they are not likely to be appreciated by everyone without exception but you will definitely not to remain indifferent to Katy Perry’s creative work.

Alexandra Zachernovskaya (04.07.2008)
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