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The British ensemble Kasabian is a standout rock band from Leicester named after Linda Kasabian. This lady was a getaway driver who assisted the notorious Charles Manson and later stood forward as the key prosecution witness. The original lineup of the group included Sergio Pizzorno, Tom Meghan, Chris Edwards and Christopher Karloff and Ash Hannis. The latter left the band before they prepared their debut release. Tom, Sergio and Chris were long time friends united by the dream to make music together. It came true after they met Christopher at one of the pubs. The four recruited the drummer, Hannis, and created a band. Karloff suggested it should be named Kasabian simply because the title sounded euphonic to him. They rented a storehouse in the outskirts of Leicester and started their practicing. The young musicians preferred to follow the music that they learned from their parents. Among the rhythms, patters and intonations once could recognize the traces of The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles. Kasabian drew the attention of sound recording industry after their demo track Processed Beats became a long time favorite at many British clubs. In the end, the group agreed to team up with the RCA label.

Just like many other performers, the band’s debut long player had the band’s title, Kasabian. It saw the light of the day in 2004 and turned out a perfect present to quality rock music lovers. Critics praised the energy and sincerity of this work, the features so characteristic of classic rock art. The same year, the album made it straight to the British Top 5 and reserved a place in the US Top 100. Kasabian sold extremely well and brought the band their first golden record. The British experts found many things in Kasabian’s music to be compared with that of Oasis. As if a proof to that, in the summer and autumn of 2005, the audacious young group gave a streak of performances in the USA as a supporting act for Gallaher’s ensemble. Club Foot was Kasabian’s first international hit to get the highest acclaim in the States. As a result, the song played in commercials and TV games. Tom Meighan appeared the group’s most interesting person to the press due to his excellent communicative skills and sense of humor.

During the making of Kasabian’s second full-length album, Empire, Karloff parted his ways with the group due to creative differences. Also, Kasabian found the permanent drummer, Ian Mathews. In the beginning, Jay Mehler was recruited to replace him on the stage, but he became a regular member in 2008.  In summer 2006, Empire was delivered to the market to the delight of all the fans. This record debuted first in the UK charts with the title track becoming Kasabian’s third song already to enter Top Ten. This brilliant work was rewarded with the NME Award 2007 to give the band even more energy and desire to continue what they were doing best. Later the same year, Kasabian went back to the studio to prepare the third long player. It was decided to cooperate with Dan The Automator, the well-known producer mostly working with hip-hop and electronic. Kasabian stayed loyal to their ideals and made a record in the vein of old school rock. Despite the promises to release the album late in 2008, the band arranged it only in summer 2009. However, the waiting was not in vain. West Ryder Puaper Lunatic Asylum was one more step towards perfection opening the brightest of futures to the Leicester masters.   

Studio Albums

Kasabian, For Crying Out Loud mp3For Crying Out Loud
  • Indie Rock
  • Psychedelic Rock
Kasabian, 48:13 mp348:13
  • Alternative Dance
  • Britpop
Kasabian, Velociraptor! mp3Velociraptor!
The British rock quintet Kasabian released their fresh long play titled Velociraptor! Definitely, it proved to be one of the band’s best works so far
  • Neo-Psychedelia
  • Indie Rock
  • Indie Pop
Kasabian, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum mp3West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
The British rock band Kasabian has released its third album with an attractive title West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, proving to be quite energetic and various. The record as it is clear from the title is focused on the insanity topic
  • Indie Rock
  • Neo-Psychedelia
Kasabian, Empire mp3Empire
Kasabian has an inclination to expand the borders of its music and diversify it. Therefore Empire first of all surprises with changing directions and more powerful vocals, and is definitely a more mature creation than the debut one
  • Alternative Dance
  • Indie Rock
Kasabian, Kasabian mp3Kasabian
  • Alternative Dance
  • Baggy / Madchester
  • Electronic
  • Indie Rock


Kasabian, You're In Love With A Psycho mp3You're In Love With A Psycho
  • Alternative Dance
  • Pop Rock
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